Sunday, August 21, 2011

Lazy Sunday

After a pretty hard week of work, I have today off (and this coming Saturday off!) and I am trying to make the most of it. By "make the most of it", I mean watch documentaries on Netflix about the Lost City of Z, fitfully work on cleaning the living room, eventually cook dinner, and otherwise do as little as possible. Working on sketches for a painting, too, hopefully.

The best way to rediscover the inspiration and the energy to commit pencil (or brush) to paper, I suppose, is to just force myself to start and try to hide all the absolute piles of awful I produce until I can get myself back into it mentally, too.

The organizational effort is still in its early fits and starts. I took up the To-Do List idea, but it turns out I keep forgetting to take it with me and therefore forgetting what it was I had to do. I have a planner, but I've had some forgetting-to-take-it-places issues with that, too. But I'm getting better.

This is really just a what's-up-with-me quick little update. The answer, in the end, is not all that much.

Last week was not an energy-happy week in any way at all. I'm going to work on that this week.

One thing I definitely have succeeded at is sleeping more, getting the 7 to 8 hours all at once. So that's good. But I haven't noticed any definite uptick in energy from it. I'm as drained by long days as I ever was.

Today, though?

Today, if I want to sit down, I can sit. If I want to go sit on the couch and read about agate or flip through 1,001 Ways to Cook Southern or scribble little thoughts down on a piece of notebook paper, I can just do that.

And I'm not going to take that truth about days off for granted.

Which means I really need to get back to leisurely sipping my coffee.

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