Sunday, August 7, 2011

In Which Your Narrator is Boring

My latte from The Coffee Hound during my visit to Illinois

You may have noticed I did a small amount of not posting last week... in that I basically didn't post at all. Well, last Tuesday was my anniversary with Jason - our three-year-anniversary - and between work and attempting to get out and be active with Jason and yet more work, I haven't really had time to really think.

Except in those short bursts you get when out and about, when you think to yourself, "Oh, I know what a good blog entry would be about!" and by the time you get home you've completely forgotten all about it.

In any case, last week we had dinner at the Trappe Door for our anniversary when I got out of work; we split an appetizer and an entree, and had a beer and a dessert apiece. Our entree was moules and frites; mussels and fries. Oh man, that is a heavenly combination I had never actually tried before.

Wednesday, with my day off sort of wide-open for adventure, we went back up to Table Rock. I still can't hike all the way to the top or even remotely close, but I definitely got twice as far this time as I did on my first try. It's a hike listed as "strenuous", and it is not kiddin' around. I have some pictures, but managed to misplace my cord for getting them into my computer. So more on that later.

A roasted garlic scone from the Coffee Hound

I spent this weekend working: closing shifts Friday, Saturday, and another closing shift tonight. While it's nice in that I get to sleep in, it also basically kills any chance of me doing anything especially fun this weekend that I get to tell you about. I could tell you about making lattes and coffee for people, but you already know the basics on that stuff, right?

However, I noticed I had these pictures from my trip to Illinois lurking about, ready to post, so I decided to go ahead and put them up here. Coffee and a scone from a little coffee shop in Bloomington-Normal, on a really nice morning when Mom and I went into town just the two of us and kind of meandered around. We have a very particular form of shopping we do; we wander, back and forth, looking at this or that, until we finally decide we can glean no more fascination from the same stuff in the same store. Only then do we buy.

It is a form of shopping that drives anyone who does not shop that way insane.

As I'm basically killin' time until my closing shift tonight, I haven't got any super-cool plans for today. My next day off is this coming Wednesday. I'll have to do laundry that day.

See, this is why I didn't update... my life is less than exciting. I plan to spend the afternoon working on the magazine version of the "Rule of One More"; taking the parts I like and want to keep for re-reading out of magazines so I can throw them out... making space for more magazines! Yay, more magazines!

Jason does not like my version of the Rule of One More.

Mine is an evil laugh.

Since we're on a roll of 'food-themed' pictures for this entirely not food-themed entry...

Here is one more than I have. It's pumpkin blossoms, sort of a regional thing I suppose; most people I meet since I moved out of the Midwest have never heard of eating pumpkin blossoms. I've noticed squash blossoms appearing in recipes more lately, and it's really the same concept.

Oh man, are they delicious. The taste of coming home in late summer is pumpkin blossoms. Yum.

Oh sure, they look fried and unhealthy and delicious and...

well, they are fried. Also unhealthy.

Also delicious.

Hopefully next time I'll have something a little more exciting than pumpkin blossoms and my work schedule, heh.

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