Sunday, July 31, 2011

this face keeps me coming back to Illinois

Well. That and all the other hilarious faces she makes.

And the stuff she says.

Oh, and the games she comes up with.

You know.

Basically everything about her.

This is what happens when your niece is incredible. It's hard not to take pictures, even when those pictures are of her making silly faces. I'm debating buying her a Viking hat so we can match. Oh wait. I stole that Viking hat from a friend for those pictures.

Okay, I'll buy us both Viking hats so we can match.

Of course, I go back for my family. To wake up in a house with my siblings and my parents in it, to make endless single cups of coffee in my parents' awesome Keurig thing, to watch TV shows geared towards toddlers and eat fried pumpkin blossoms (YES I got to eat some this year! Life is good) and talk to my sister, to my brother, to my parents.

To help my cousin Melissa celebrate her Independence Day in style.

So now I get to start counting down days until we go back for Christmas.

How tall do you think she'll be at Christmas?

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  1. haha i'd come back to IL to see that face too. She is adorable.


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