Saturday, July 30, 2011

Momentarily Distracted by Consumerism

I am back in Greenville! My plane landed only a few minutes late yesterday, and I saw my brother off to his terminal for his flight back to Austin, Texas and then headed for baggage claim. Jason got backed up in traffic, but it didn't end up affecting that much as to when he got to the airport to come get me... just as rush hour starts in Atlanta, Georgia.

Where the airport is.

And we have to go straight through Georgia to come home.

We stopped at the Atlanta Bread Company place inside the airport, right outside baggage claim, and had a quick kind-of-dinner between 3:30 and 4-ish, figuring getting in any kind of hurry would be a bad plan. And it really would have been. Had we chosen not to eat first...

It took us about an hour to get out of the city. It usually takes us... maybe twenty minutes to a half an hour.

Rush hour traffic does not play around.

Had we chosen to leave before eating, we would have been considering cannibalism by the time we finally got out of Atlanta, let me tell you internet.

It took us forever to get home, but when we did, I was able to pet the cat and settle right back into things. This morning we went downtown to the Saturday market. We didn't buy anything (other than iced coffee) but we did walk much further down the West End of downtown than I have ever gone before, so that was fun. Now we're back and making sure to guzzle some water before we meet up with friends for some lunch at our favorite Saturday meetup place, Cafe Paulista, a restaurant everyone should go to, as often as fiscally possible.

I work late afternoon to close, so boo on that, but yay on getting back to work, really.

Tomorrow I start week 1 in earnest of my book on organizing your life that I picked up. I may keep you updated on the progress, but really, I may not. My current level of chaos is a little much to try and talk about.

I haven't been able to load pictures from my week in Illinois just yet, but I'll try and get a few up from the trip in the next few days. I had a great time being with my parents and my siblings each day again, and getting to see my extended family is always fantastic. We had a really busy week, not exactly a vacation in the strictest sense, but I had a pretty awesome time there. Still... I need some time to get the photos loaded and go through them.

In the meantime, some things I either own and love, or love and wish I owned and am scribbling mad little plans for once our financial stuff gets back on track:
Brazil Nut Body Scrub from the Body Shop. It's for dry skin, as is the body butter I have now that's about to follow, so I can't use it all the time... but it's great for when you've gotten out of the pool or been cleaning all day covered in dust, or spent your day on an airplane. The smell is great; a really light, faintly sweet smell, and while it exfoliates, it's made to moisturize at the same time so it doesn't leave my skin super dry and itchy afterward.

Cocoa Butter Body Butter, from the Body Shop as well. This is what I use after the scrub, and a little goes a really long way. It's also made for super dry skin. But let me tell you, after spending yesterday in airports, on a plane, and then trapped in a car in Atlanta's rush hour traffic... the body butter really does the trick to relax you. It's got a great not-quite-chocolate smell that lasts forever without being cloying or really obvious.

How badly do I want these boots. How very, very badly. Or at least boots that are similar to these boots. I may take up flouncy mid-length prairie skirts just to justify owning cowboy boots like this. Cowboy boots don't look ridiculous in the South, right?

Besides, the company is located in Austin, where Bryan lives! I'd be supporting local business! Well, somebody's local business, anyway.

Maybe I will find boots similar to this, in a price range that does not raise my eyebrows so high they nearly fall off my head.


Still want 'em, though.

A set of notecards and envelopes from Papyrus. I didn't know that store existed until I visited New York City with some of my in-laws and my friend Tea showed me all the awesome stationary. Maybe I'm getting too domesticated, drooling over stationary. I feel a sudden need to go listen to old punk music for a while or dye my hair bright red.

Vanilla Chai Lip Balm from Soothing Touch. I found it at the EarthFare grocery store Jason and I visit sometimes and it is the best lip balm ever... so far. Every single ingredient is something I recognize, which is something I'm striving for overall over time, it actually smells (and tastes) like Chai (due to actual chai tea and vanilla extract), and it's a HUGE bottle of balm, meaning it lasts for a long time.

So those are just some things I thought were pretty cool. Some I already have, some I would like to have. Hopefully I'll get at least a little bit of a tidbit about my trip up in the next couple of days. I don't work until evening tomorrow, so I've got some free time.

The cat conked out right next to me last night, so it's nice to know she missed me. Or, you know, is a cat and therefore just wanted to see if I'd pet her if she laid right there.

She was right.

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