Monday, July 11, 2011

Farmer's Markets and Hope

There are a lot of people in Greenville. Or at least more than I am used to there being in places. Greenville is a sprawling kind of place, which makes it the perfect sort of city for me; full of grass and trees and space to move around in. So I kind of forget that there are so many people here.

Until we go to the farmer's market downtown on Saturday. We arrived about half an hour after it even opened for the morning, so there weren't that many people yet - although there was already a line at an heirloom tomato booth.

The photo above was taken around ten in the morning, when the crowd started to get pretty serious. I think almost everyone with their face towards my camera is wearing sunglasses, because they are smart people who own sunglasses and I should really look into that.

The booths are awesome and varied; a ton of vegetables and fruit, of course, but a homemade pasta booth as well, some local meats, a guy who makes these incredible benches, seats, and bowls out of these slabs of wood he gets to a high shine.

Yarn, in the most beautiful colors.

Jason and I got ourselves a hunk of habanero jack cheese from Happy Cow, a bag of roasted Cajun peanuts, Pepper Jelly, and a pint of blueberries. We settled down to make a snack of the blueberries and the cheese, since we were meeting friends for lunch later.

Downtown is beautiful, and I never get tired of it, really. I could wander there all afternoon, as long as I got to occasionally duck into an air-conditioned store to recover from the constant, unrelenting humidity. I turn into a soggy Yankee after very little time outside right now.

Which Jason thinks is just sooooo funny.

It's been a good couple of weeks, on every front but financially. Financially we're still dealing with a few things (my brand spanking new medical bills being part of it), but frankly, I've been able to spend some time lounging by the pool at my in-laws', eating great (and healthy) food because Jason is a great cook when he's home all the time (and even when he isn't - he's just cooking a lot right now), all kinds of things.

Less than two weeks until I visit Illinois! I can't wait. I'm already deciding what clothes to take in my head and what books I might want on the plane, that kind of thing. I'm actually going to be on the same flight my brother is (he's flying from Texas to the Atlanta airport that I fly out of to go back to Illinois, then we're hopping on the same flight) and there has been some discussion as to whether or not that might help my fear of flying, to have a family member with me.

My husband and his best friend, who still remember my fingernails digging into their arms on the way back from Colorado, may beg to differ on that. But I'm hopeful.

Also, as a side note: Greenville has the most polite graffiti ever downtown. There were just little thought-provoking notes like this:

or one in front of an unoccupied storefront that simply said, "Empty? Empty." Or someone drew a giant pile of Harry Potter symbols on the path by the Reedy River.

There was a dinosaur hugging a duck on the wall under the bridge where we were eating.

I'm not saying there isn't horrible graffiti elsewhere or anything, or stuff I just didn't see. But honestly, cuddly dinosaur hugging a duck beats all that.

Wish us luck on the financial front! We've signed a lease with our apartment complex for another year, so it's nice to not have to pack up all my stuff for the first year since I first went to college. Maybe that's why I hate the month of July so much; it's been my moving month every year for nearly seven years.

But not this year.

Woo hoo!

11 days 'til Illinois.

I'm tappin' my feet and counting the moments.

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