Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Like a Bee

I'm just going to share a few things and links I'm really liking. My life is not the most exciting of lives right now; I'm working as much as I can. My hours at work jumped up partially thanks to some availability changes from the rest of the staff, partly due to one of our cafe workers heading off into the wild blue yonder (or, you know, one hour north to a different city).

So last week consisted almost entirely of I go to work, I come home, I sleep. Wake up the next morning and repeat. This week looks to be much the same, at least so far.

I still have plans to win the lottery one day. Of course, I would have to play the lottery in order to have a chance of winning it, but let's not dwell on those minor little details, okay?

In any case, a few things:

This photo of a little girl from Benoit Paille's photography, taken at a Rainbow Gathering. Jason and I watched a special on Mesolithic people in Europe living in Doggerland, the land bridge that used to connect the UK to the rest of Europe on National Geographic the other night, and the sort of gravity and seriousness on this little girl's face reminded me of the images they were showing of what they thought the Doggerland people lived like.

I think if I could go back and do college again, I'd major in anthropology or archeology. I might not have any better chance at getting a job, but the history of human life on this planet is incredibly rich and fascinating.

This jewelry display by Shannon Eileen at Happiness Is...

This is pretty much exactly the kind of jewelry tree I need, since I overwhelmingly own necklaces (and just a few bracelets). I look at traditional jewelry boxes, but I'm just not that interested. I like the idea of jewelry trees hung on the wall, and I especially like the idea of ones that I make myself.

I have so many crafty impulses, but I am just so lazy.

It's a terrible conundrum.

My friend Sarah just started up her own blog, A Kitchen Full of Flours. Sarah is the master of "Glance idly at the recipe, toss a bunch of stuff together, magic happens" cooking. She makes desserts a lot. It's probably good for me that I don't live next door and therefore smell those desserts while she's baking them. It's good for them,too!

Every time she put something in the oven, she'd turn around to find me at the table. "What? I've always been here. Is that some kind of fruit crisp thingie?"

Speaking of food, this site shows a variety of photographs including the kinds of food and the weekly cost of food for families around the world. What is so staggering isn't really the cost differences, to me, but the kind of and amount of food people are eating in a week. The photo above is a Mongolian family and their weekly food intake.

It's just interesting to see the differences in what kinds of food people are buying and where.

I'm going to end it here, just for the sake of getting something up on the screen. It took me two days to get this post up, that tells you how busy I am right now, doesn't it?

I'm working today, then doing laundry at a friend's house while working on writing. I picked up a book, Plot Vs. Character. Between that and The Making of a Story: A Norton Guide to Creative Writing, I feel like I'm fairly settled on the writing-books front right now. You never know with me, though.

The cat is lying on Jason's chair next to me. She is the happiest napping cat in the world.

I wish I could nap.

Oh well. Just have to get through four hours of work, and then I can nap as I please.

Watch me count down the hours.

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  1. I LOVE that jewelry tree! I agree, traditional jewelry boxes are just so so.


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