Thursday, June 16, 2011


It rained last night.

I say it rained, but that's not entirely accurate.

What happened was that after a pretty nice day, we looked outside the door of our friend's apartment to realize that the clouds coming in on the sudden uptick of wind weren't just regular gray clouds, they were all but black with the rain that was coming. The kind of clouds that hang low enough that you could almost touch them.

When it rained, it poured.

It dumped buckets of rain on us, all at once. A friend of mine who was driving home at the time was blown into another lane of traffic by the gusts of wind. At our friend's apartment, we all stared out the back sliding doors to his little patio as the wind threw leaves, sticks, and debris all over the place.

A tree fell down, right behind his apartment. Just gave up and fell over, just like that. We didn't even really hear a crash.

The area behind Justin's apartment rapidly became some kind of small lake, full of red clay mud and sediment washing around, like tiny little rapids. Awful, dirty tiny little rapids.

The area in front of Justin's apartment was soon coated in red, fast-moving water as well. It was a little bit like having our own little moat, only it wasn't deep enough to stop any raving Viking hordes and also nobody we know lives in a castle.

... yet.

Give it time.

My in-laws briefly lost power. My aunt-in-law, so to speak, had most of a tree come down in her driveway. A tree blocked the road I use to get to work in the mornings last night, but it was cut apart and lying sedately in the ditches by the time I was on my way to make coffee drinks for the disgruntled cranky masses this morning.

 Of which I was one, having woken up at 3 A.M. for no good reason, sat awake for a while staring into nothing, and finally getting back to sleep around 4 A.M. At least the cat was happy to see I was awake.

I received my E.R. bill in the mail today, which was mercifully so much less than I thought it would be. Seeing as we are currently uninsured (we should both be eligible come August!), I was more than a little it worried. Also less worried at the same time, since we were only in the E.R. for six hours or so, and didn't need too many tests.

I may or may not have done a small dance of happiness around my living room. I attempted to do so quietly, since I'm trying to let Jason sleep.

Goals for tonight: 5 pages of writing stuff (working on character outlines/sketches as per the book I'm currently reading) and some work on outlines. Put away the laundry I did yesterday. Clean the dishes out of the sink, stick 'em in the dishwasher.

Goals for tomorrow: Work, dinner with in-laws. 5 pages of writing stuff.

Goals for Saturday: Work, hang out with a friend of mine to plan things. Plot, really. Well, it's a little bit like scheming when the two of us are together. We have been known to break into peals of laughter that make others suspicious. 5 pages of writing stuff. Maybe.

Or maybe I'll just go to sleep instead of writing.


Sleep sounds nice.

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