Wednesday, May 11, 2011

What the Hail

Oh what, I can't like terrible puns when I'm making blog post titles?

I mean look at that up there.

That is a terrible pun.

In any case, just as Jason and I began to discuss taking the Lead-Lined Monster (our ridiculously heavy old TV, a  hand-me-down from a former roommate, whose weight is frankly legendary among anyone who has ever attempted to pick it up) out to dispose of it, it began to rain. I mean, just as I was finishing up my dinner after getting home from work.

So we settled in.

It poured buckets and buckets of rain, but that's not so unusual. I noticed the sound of rain hitting our roof was getting weirdly loud. Then I looked at our front steps.


"Hey, honey? I think it's going to be a while before we can take the Lead-Lined Monster out."

The hail, for the moment, was small. Not-quite dime sized, really.

We could hear it banging into the roof, but in little sounds, more like taps than anything else.

That didn't last long.

One of my friends, who lives about ten minutes away from us, posted pictures on her facebook of hail cupped in her hand that was not quite the size of a golf ball, and some that really was the size of a golf ball.

Sure enough, the sounds of hail on the roof started quickly becoming something more akin to the sound of someone hitting something with a baseball bat and less like someone wearing tap shoes. So Jason and I stood outside and watched it, from the dubious protection of our front porch.

Turns out hail that big ricochets like crazy. Which you'd think common sense would have told me, but nope. I had to get nearly hit in the face with ricocheting hail three or four (or five) times before I ducked back inside like a smart person.

Only to duck outside every thirty seconds to take more photos.


(Note: Our car was under a large tree, which provided some protection from the hail apparently... although our poor little red sports car had to be hosed off after the hailstorm, since it was basically coated in fallen green leaves. My car looked like Christmas! Violent, hail-y Christmas.)

Our basil plants (the Thai basil and the spicy globe basil visible in this photo) were pretty protected where they were, but we did have to move the tomato plant back to safety against the screen doors, behind our chairs.

You can see the golf-ball size hail in a couple places in the photo just above.


It ended soon enough, and I texted my mother-in-law to make sure they hadn't been caught outside somewhere in it or anything. She replied that they were sitting on their sun porch at the back of the house just watchin' the hail come down.

In her own words, "We are cheap to entertain."

So are we, Robin. I took like twenty photos of hail. I'm not sure what that says about me.


Actually, maybe it's not the taking photos of hail, but then taking the time to post those photos up here for the internet to see that says something about how easily I am entertained, huh?

This was actually meant to be a belated Mother's Day post, in which I discuss all those ways in which my mom is awesome. Instead, it's a post about hail, because I am easily distracted and I happened to look at the hail photos first.

My mom is awesome all year round, anyway.

I know she's awesome, because twenty-five years ago she made that adorable hair-bow'd jaundiced little creature above, and despite all my temper tantrums, complete lack of common sense, argumentative teenage years, repeated begging for blue hair (for four years), the spiked jewelry and Sex Pistols t-shirts and my high school boyfriends and tears...  I think I came out pretty well.

I don't wear hair bows, though. I stopped wearing hair bows the moment I discovered how to take them off. Technically before that, since it turns out you can just yank those suckers off when you're two years old and don't have great motor control yet. Even if you have to pull some hair out with 'em.

That I am as delightful as I am speaks highly of her character, because seriously, I'm not sure that I could handle raising a kid like me.

Although I'm guessing just saying that means my kids are going to be terrifying monsters, and my mother will laugh, and laugh, and laugh when they are just like I was.

Hopefully that means she'll be full of really good advice for dealing with problem children after having dealt with her obstinate stubborn little third kid for the two decades it took me to move out of the house.

So. I guess this turned into a belated Mother's Day post after all.

Which means I accomplished my goals for today! Yay!

Cookies for everyone!*

*I do not actually have any cookies. Although if I did, I would totally share.

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  1. You were such a pretty baby...! And I think you were removing bows and barrettes from your hair by just a few months old! Seriously could NOT keep that stuff in your hair! On the other hand, you could crawl up the stairs at about 6 months (and turn around and smile when you got caught)and I think you only ever fell maybe one time!

    The weather man keeps talking about us possibly having hail this evening. I don't even want to think about it since it's PLANTING SEASON! Here comes the wind! I'm hoping severe storms are not close behind!


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