Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Just This

Not much to say, today.

And that's a good thing.

Just a planning kind of day. I'm laying out goals for myself, for Jason and I, for this whole living-in-the-South enterprise we've got going. So far I've decided that listening to two elderly Southern women talk in a coffee shop while reading a book was pretty much the most relaxing hour ever, and that tells me I need to develop that accent, because I don't even know how someone can be stressed when they've got that lilting soft-consonant thing going for them.

I am scrolling through real estate sites looking at little houses, trying to find the one that sticks out at me, has a little bit of personality, is in our price range, as low as that price range is.

I am still on my nonfiction kick. Right now I'm reading Unprotected Texts and a book on
Saturday Night Live.
I am wearing a T-shirt I bought when I saw The Lion King in New York City and a pair of shorts and thinking, after having gone outside to run some errands, that I love central air conditioning more than I even begin to say.

It's a calm day. Yesterday I cleaned the bathroom, as the opening shot of my epic war against my own apartment. We have a friend coming to visit us in the next few weeks, and I have declared this war in the hopes that my apartment may even look remotely livable by the time he shows up. It's a dream I have, you see.

I have a couple of paintings I need to start working on. Inspiration has been a little lacking these last couple of days, but I think last night I finally hit upon my ideas. Now to sketch out to see how I'll need to plan this and then get started.


it's time for lunch.

So away I go!

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  1. When a face like that tells you it's lunchtime - then it's lunchtime


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