Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Part 1 - Leavin' on a Jet Plane

So I went to New York City and I returned in one piece!

Well, mostly.

I returned with a full digital camera, a bunch of souvenirs, a powerful need to hug my husband and an incredible relief to fall asleep in my own bed.

In any case, let's backtrack through this vaguely chronologically, shall we? I'm not going to promise complete accuracy; you know me, readers. You know accuracy isn't always my strong point.


Pretty pictures!

Which I must warn you, there are going to be a lot of them.

Hence this being only the first installment.

So, let's start at the very beginning, and I promise not to start singing that song from The Sound of Music. I'm thinking about it, though.

I, of course, wore my good luck charm, a Christmas present from my sister... if you couldn't tell.

I was seated with my sister-in-law, Hunter, and my... aunt-in-law... Gena (I'm not sure how the naming system works with that stuff). Monica, Gena's oldest daughter, was going to meet us at La Guardia airport when we landed, since her plane was schedule to land roughly around the same time (she flew from Charleston, we flew from Charlotte-which, hey, now I've visited Charlotte! So that's something).

I sent two text messages in this time: one to my mom reminding her how much I hate planes (note: I hate them a lot) and one to a good friend of mine asking him to remind me just how safe planes are supposed to be (note: very safe).

It being April 1, we had a flight attendant who was a one-man comedy show, which was mostly amusing. It did not, however, amuse a woman across the aisle from me, a quintessential New Yorker who was pretty mad by the end of the flight and pretty vocal about it. We did end up a little delayed in landing, but not too bad.

Hunter took this photo for me when we first broke cloud cover.

and she took this one for me as we were coming into La Guardia.

Believe me, I do not take photos out of plane windows. I just don't.

I will spare you the story of my mild panic upon takeoff... because you're going to get the story of my much less mild panic upon landing back in Charlotte Monday later. And really, who needs more than one story about how much I don't like planes?

I could tell 'em all day, but that doesn't make them riveting story material.

We were promptly welcomed.

We snagged our luggage, and Monica, and went outside to grab a cab to our hotel. I have been in cabs previously, although granted not in a New York City cab. It can be an experience, sometimes.

Hunter and Monica were sure excited. I think Hunter smiled like that in her sleep over the course of the weekend, she was so excited.

The cabbie drove us fairly efficiently, and I wasn't especially rattled or perturbed by his driving style. Monica and Hunter and I pointed things out to each other and laughed and in general were terribly thrilled to be here, while Gena sat up front and chatted with the cab driver. It was kind of a drab, rainy day, with water everywhere and gray clouds.

That didn't bother us.

I took some photos of the drive, but very few of them came out. Mostly as I would go to click, the cab would lurch forward suddenly and I'd just get a blurry shot. I had the best luck taking photos out the front windshield.

New York City is very tall. And gray. And full of concrete.

Also, full of people.

We made it to our hotel, a Hampton down by Times Square. There were free cookies, which we may or may not have gorged ourselves upon, before heading up to our room. It wasn't even dinner-time on a Friday night, and we were in New York City! Our room was on the sixth floor of the hotel, which meant we had an interesting view.

The view out our hotel window. This is before the shirtless man came out to exercise in that little garden space in the bottom right. I didn't get a picture of him.


We took a few minutes to sort of get our brains in the we're in New York City place, and talk about what to eat for dinner. We came to no actual decision, but decided we'd rather decide while walking around Times Square.

My three lovely partners in crime; Hunter, Monica, and Gena.

Times Square, which is very bright, and very large, and very, very shiny.

So I've gotten you to our first sight of Times Square, and that's where I'm going to quit for today. Tomorrow I'll pick right back up where I left off and finish off what we did Friday night and Saturday morning, too. Right now that monotonous thing called 'real life' is calling me, with the need to go buy food and whatnot, do some laundry. Relax and try to adjust back into how things usually are.


Everyone have a good day!

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  1. I've never been to NYC and always wanted nice to see these pictures! Can't wait to read more about it.


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