Sunday, April 10, 2011

NYC Installment 3: So Much Bacon

Okay, so this just keeps going. I took something like 317 pictures? A lot of pictures, in any case.

Just keep this in mind: I can't even finish Saturday in this entry. There was just too much awesome.

In any case, the Trio wanted to see if they couldn't catch the live filming of the Today show, so we rolled out of bed super early, ate a nice, simple breakfast in the hotel, and hit the streets to walk over to Rockefeller Center, where the filming happens... It also happens to be one of the Big Tourist Places to Visit in NYC.

Being tourists, of course, we were happy to oblige.

The day started bright and sunny. It was great to see the sky bouncing off all the huge buildings, although I did feel a little bit closed in by all the tall.

The buildings were very Art Deco, with all kinds of relief etchings or outright carvings like this one. This one was definitely my favorite building decoration we saw that weekend, and we saw a lot of them.

Close-up shot of the carving above the door. Look at how imposing that is.

We made it there before they actually came out to talk to people, so we went around to the side where fewer people were standing, waiting for the hosts to come out so we could see them. When they did come out, the first person to exit the door was a guy named Lester Holt, who is apparently Monica's favorite person... after Brian Williams. Who, in her defense, is pretty cool.

Other people, who were not so lucky and did not get to pose with Lester. Also look at the building behind them! Maybe the Today show excitement was lost on me.

Hunter and Monica, however, were deeply excited. Gena was very excited too! I was busy trying to stave off a woman to my right who was convinced she could jab her elbows into my side and I would move whatever direction she wanted. She was also about a foot shorter than me, so it was more than she was jabbing me in the hip.

Monica and Hunter were able to finagle their way onto the Today show during the weather segment; if you watch the weather from April 2, you can definitely see Monica and Hunter behind the weather guy's head. I'm pretty sure Monica was prepared to knock down small children if she had to.

She's a very determined lady.

We had some time to kill before meeting a friend of mine I had not previously met face to face, so we wandered around Rockefeller Center for a bit, heading into the NBC store and grabbing coffee from a Starbucks in the basement. Starbucks was basically the beating heart of our visit; constant, dependable, everywhere we went.

Pretty much the only definite sign of spring I saw were daffodils blooming in special planters. Oh, and I think a couple of the trees had one or two leaves on them.

Walking down along the streets, we saw a gorgeous building, St. Patrick's Cathedral, a gigantic Catholic church whose doors formally opened in 1879. It has undergone lots of renovation and addition, and they're actually working on renovations right now... so there were some doors you couldn't go in and some places you weren't supposed to take pictures.

We went inside, and the hush was a palpable thing. Most churches I have been in are this way... there's a sort of collective agreement to near-silence regardless of whether or not there are any signs suggesting it. People, when they speak, lower their voices.

The Cathedral had many shrines to various saints, with places to light candles in prayer if you wished.

They had a Pieta, as well, one of my favorite forms of art when it comes to sculpture and painting. The basic format is endlessly simple; the Virgin Mary and the dead body of Jesus... but it has been done in so many ways. I am a big fan of older subjects like this done over and over through the ages, to see the way stylization changes or the differences between individual artists. This was a very classic pieta.

We walked around for some time, but finally left. After a little bit, it was time to meet Tea! Tea and I have been friends with several years now, but have never previously met face-to-face... it just never worked for me to be able to get anywhere near her part of the country, let alone New York City. Well, I wasn't going to waste this opportunity!

We met up here, at Carnegie Deli, one of the more famous restaurants in NYC and arguably the nation. It was fantastic; they brought a little dish of pickles to the table for us, some of what Tea told me are called half-sours (still very green and cucumber-y, with just a little bit of obvious pickle-ness to them) and some regular pickles. I think I ate too many pickles, but I don't even regret it; they were so good.

Tea came in a few minutes after us, and there was much rejoicing.

Surrounded by photos of all the celebrities known to have visited the Deli, we had some of their food; I had a footlong frankfurter with hot sauerkraut. It was great! And probably too much of their coffee, considering I'd already had Starbucks. Monica, Hunter, and Gena got BLT's as I recall, although two of them shared one. There was much remarking on the hilarious amount of bacon that came on the BLT's.


Tea had liverwurst, I believe, which she says is great but I did not have any of that day. I believe her.

So very, very full of food, we left to visit a store and then go back to the hotel for quick naptimes and for Tea and I to have a bit of sit-down-and-chat time while waiting for another friend of mine, Jess! I have known Jess for less time than Tea and had never been able to arrange a face-to-face meeting either, but today was a day for meeting people.

The three of us in the hotel. I have carefully cropped out the amount of clothes, toiletries, and other sundries that the four women sleeping there had been tossing carelessly around since we got there. Although really, the bed was mostly pretty neat.

And that is the first half of Saturday. I'm going to cut it out there, because I have already posted so many photos and so much text here. On the other hand, to make it for it I'm going to post the next installment tomorrow, and then the last one Tuesday! Which means it will only have taken me a little over a week to tell you about four days of my life.


that sounds about right.

And once we're finally done with NYC, I have all sorts of rambling about pollen and heat and humidity, tomatoes and basil and sunlight and April and family in the south to tell you about!



well, I'm enthusiastic about it.


  1. So interesting! I'm glad you got to meet your friends...are these possible "axe murderers" aka online friends? Can't wait for the next installment! Awesome!

  2. Oh, and Lester Holt is good! He's kind of the next guy after Brian Williams, I think. That's a pretty cool opportunity!

  3. Bacon is good for the soul - as is sharing some QT with your mates.

    Well done.

    Also tell your Mum I don't have an axe.

    Several knives and a collection of cheerleader skins maybe - but no axe


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