Thursday, April 7, 2011

Installment 2: The Circle of Life

So, yesterday I got us all the way to Times Square, and then stopped there.

I forgot something very important, however:

My sister-in-law eating an apple.

I just needed to share that.

So I told you that it had been gray, and cloudy. It was like that all day from the moment we got there. Eventually, though, the clouds cleared... just as the sun was going down.

We went, for dinner, to a tiny little hole-in-the-wall French-Thai place called Breeze. I didn't get any pictures, because I forgot. However, I can say with absolute authority that should you go there, you have to get one of three things: Pad See Ewe, Pineapple Fried Rice with Chicken, or Seafood in a Bananleaf Cup.

I had the Seafood in a Bananaleaf Cup. It took a while to come to me, but when it did... it was like this incredible seafood bisque, almost a soup, but full of squid, shrimp, and scallops, a little red bell pepper. A lot of coconut and cilantro. Hunter and Monica declared, after trying bites, that it "tasted the way sunscreen smells... but in a good way!"

We decided this probably had something to do with the coconut or cilantro or both.

They also served an excellent Thai Iced Coffee, all full of sweetness and milk. It came in a larger portion than I'm used to at Thai places and I was able to enjoy it all the way through the meal. We had a mango mousse cake slice and a thick, rich chocolate cake with raspberry sauce and tiny Ferrero Rocher balls to eat for dessert. Monica promptly devoured one all by herself, which she claims was purely "on accident".

A likely story.

So, stuffed to the gills and kind of waddling out the door, we headed off to the main event of the evening. The important event of the evening.

The Lion King musical... on Broadway...

I saw it, readers.

I saw it with my eyes.

This is another thing that may be hard to explain. The Lion King, when it came out in 1994, was incredible to me. I saw Disney movies in theaters. I saw the Lion King. I have been, shall we say, A Fan of it ever since. I own two copies: VHS and DVD. I watch it when I'm sick, or sad, or in need of some kind of comfort. So to say I was excited to see the musical (which I own the soundtrack to, and had read up on extensively)... is a bit of an understatement.

The theater overlooked Times Square, as you can see in this photo. Times Square is almost always teeming with people, day or night.

The musical was... pretty awesome. Terrible words that don't do it justice. There was a LOT of fun stuff happening for general theatergoers, and a wealth of interesting things happening to my art-history-minor brain. I kept noticing little details or aspects that were clear calls back to traditional masks, puppetry, or storytelling that were very important in some of the African cultures historically. So that was wonderful.

It didn't disappoint. There were a few moments that took my breath away, and their handling of moments that seemed difficult to pull off onstage (the stampede, Pride Rock in general) was very skillful. The woman playing Rafiki was incredible.

I'm running out of words that mean "really awesome".

So I'll let Scar's mask do the talking.

In any case, we spilled out onto Times Square again afterwards. I was a T-shirt, charm bracelet, and little canvas bag richer... if less so monetarily. I'm wearing the T-shirt now. It's yellow and I love it. Also the bracelet. Because I am shameless.

Gena and Monica, bein' cute outside the theater.

I'm going to call it there. Because we spent some more time wandering around Times Square, shopping and looking and getting accosted by well-meaning poor comedians who really wanted us to go see their show. The poor guys; they worked so hard. If it had been just me there in Times Square by myself they probably would have talked me into it, too.

Eventually, of course, we had to collapse back at the hotel, to try and rest ourselves a little bit before Saturday... we had plans on Saturday. Monica, Hunter, and Gena wanted to see where they film the Today show, since they do some of it outside with a small crowd of onlookers who might get on camera. We had plans to meet with my friend Tea and later my friend Jess, two lovely women I've known for a while now but hadn't yet been able to meet face to face.

Friday turned out to be a lot more involved than I thought it was, heh. So Saturday, I think, will come... Saturday, oddly. I work all day tomorrow, and while I will try to get photos up Friday night, I can't promise it won't be Saturday morning before it happens...

Whew. I am off to finish my pimiento cheese on crackers (and it is wonderful why do we not eat this heavenly food in the north) and then Jason and I have things to do tonight.

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