Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Or alternately, "In Which My Post is Delayed By Absolutely Nothing".

"Belated" just seemed so much more concise.

Things I have done in the past few days: baked what Clean Eating magazine called a "Peachy Dutch Pancake", which involved eggs, vanilla, a little flour, and thawed frozen peach slices. It was delicious. We ate it all. I went to work a couple of times. Bought a few groceries. Drank coffee. Made homemade baked fishsticks and a fresh strawberry version of the dutch pancake thing, thanks to a regular customer at work who brought me a huge bag of strawberries today (recipe coming soon).

So, you see, nothing particularly time-consuming. I even had yesterday off work. Did that inspire me to write anything about Saturday in Savannah?


No it did not.

So instead, after going to work for a few hours, then coming home and cooking basically nonstop for two and a half hours, I have decided that now seemed like the best time. Not, y'know, yesterday. When I wasn't doing anything in particular.

I'm... I'm very special.

So... about Saturday. Right. Back on that.

We went to the Jepson Art Center right near the riverfront, part of the Telfair set of museums. Jepson is the modern art museum, but the reason it was picked as a place to go was because it had a whole set of rooms dedicated entirely to the kind of hands-on exploration and play that toddlers are best at... only it related everything to art.

Delainey immediately started playing with the wooden blocks, in various shapes and sizes.

Jason decided to play too, and made a sculpture on the magnetic sculpture wall.

Believe me, I don't judge him. That pile of stuff to the right? That's my sculpture... which I admittedly wasn't paying much attention to.

Jason and I are not what you would call modern art fans, but I still liked walking around and seeing everything. There is no way that a museum is a bad idea, on any vacation. In Colorado? We went to a skiing museum. Which I don't remember much about except for it being very warm when it was very cold outside. Which maybe says something about me.

In any case... I am decidedly pro-museum.

Delainey inside the adult parts of the museum was incredible. "It's a square!" She declared happily, while looking at an "optical illusion" piece of art meant to make you uneasy and force you to go over it in some detail. My brother-in-law JW decided she would be the best art student ever, absolutely pragmatic. I agree.

There was a heavily complicated, involved exhibit that had a sort of motorized chair with a video hookup. It was playing a series of lights and patterns across the walls, along with some music that seemed to change slightly as it played.

Delainey danced in rhythm with the music, changing her dance to match the colors.

Best art museum visit ever.

One last visit to the children's section to have hilarious fun with the 'writing' wall (where I discovered someone there prior to us really, really hated the Mets), and we walked down to the riverfront.

Which, by the way, is beautiful.

We went into some of the stores down there, sort of threading in and out at random. There was River Street Sweets, where they gave us free pecan praline samples as we walked in the door. There was a Life is Good store where I watched Christina calmly convince Delainey that she did not need a new stuffed horse by explaining to her that it was not "on sale".

Apparently, this works really well with young children... right up until they start pointing out when things don't have "sale stickers" on them even before they can read.

Didn't I tell y'all my niece is a genius?

And yes, Mom, I realize I said y'all. It's been showing up more and more often lately.

Delainey got a package of cotton candy, and I can't say we weren't all amused by Kiddo managing to pick out the one single kind of candy that the candystore didn't make right there themselves to be the one she absolutely needed to have.

I eyed the divinity. I thought about it. I may have made dramatic sighing sounds. But I did not buy it. I don't know why I didn't, now. Ah, such regrets have I.

At Bernie's Oyster House, we had lunch. Delainey fell asleep most of the way through her hot dog, in the awesome way babies, toddlers, and little kids have of being mid-action and just sort of... slumping... over... and then they're out.

Still... lunch!

The crowning achievement of lunch being JW buying, to split, a gigantic bucket of raw oysters. Those oysters up there?

We ate all of them, between Jason, JW, and I.

I had never shucked my own oysters before, and there's a trick to it; it took three or four tries for me to really grasp what I needed to do. Sometimes my hands shook a little from the effort at twisting out a tricky one. They're incredible when eaten raw... just by themselves with nothing at all, with horseradish, with a little hot sauce... my favorite was the oyster placed on a saltine cracker, with a little black pepper and Texas Pete.

It took us a while. But we conquered the mountain of oysters. I have pictures of the second bucket full of all the empty shells, but to be honest all of those pictures are kind of disgusting... because it turns out oysters shells that have just been shucked, but not cleaned, are sort of awful looking.

So no photos of that.

But trust me; I have records of all the oysters we ate. Records I am keeping to myself.

There was a little bit more walking, with Delainey zonked out the whole time.

At which point, when it was time to walk back up the stairs and head back towards our cars, that Jason and JW carried Delainey, in her stroller, up the stairs.

The things we do to placate napping children.

Who, the moment the two of them reached the top, immediately woke up.

Which was hilarious.

We had one more place to visit before we went back to the hotel to recharge, for Delainey to swim like a fish, and for us to eat dinner... we went to visit the ruins of Wormsloe Plantation, built in in the early-to-mid 1700's by one of the first settlers in the colony of Georgia, Noble Jones.

He built a house inside, essentially, a little fort right up against the marsh. The original house is long gone, leaving just the ruins of the fortifications, for the most part.

But entering the park, you have this:

Which is breathtaking.

Direct descendants of Noble Jones still live in a house that is off to the side of this beautiful avenue, but you're not allowed on the grounds, since they keep the house as a private residence.

Some of the ruins of the original fortifications. The neat thing to look at is how much of these walls were built with shells mixed into the mortar.

Off to the side you can go see the shell midden, where all the oyseter, mussel, and etc. shells were tossed after shucking. At some point, you realize that the midden is in fact that little hill you're standing on, and it's something like five feet of compressed shell and dirt. It's actually pretty cool.

Which goes to show you, I suppose, exactly how nerdy I really am.

The marshland just behind the ruins is absolutely gorgeous, especially on the sunny day we were having then. I wouldn't suggest trying to take a wade through it unless you're a really big fan of mosquitoes and, uh, whatever other gross things lives in swampy marshland... but still. It's pretty to look at.

And full of these gorgeous windy dead trees, lying all over the place.

After that... I don't have much in the way of photos. I can tell you this, though: the hotel has lovely air conditioning. Delainey drank orange juice from a coffee cup and thought she was supercool, just like a grownup.

At one point, in the morning, I had made some snarky comment about myself being a 'coffee snob' after working in a coffee shop.

"You're a coffee snob?" Delainey asked me. I said yes. She thought about that for a moment. "I'm not a coffee snob," She said to me. "I'm a milk snob. And a juice snob."

I thought to myself, Child, you are three years old. And died laughing.

I said goodbye to my sister and her family, since she was leavin' on a jet plane to fly back to Illinois at 8:30 Sunday morning and I wouldn't see her before they left. And there was sleep.

I slept like a log all weekend... I'm going to say that was a good sign.

There. Whew. Better late than never, I suppose.

I'm going to sit here and think about how awesome those oysters were, if you don't mind.

Or maybe eat a piece of the strawberry skillet-cake-thing I made.

Or think about eating it.

In any case, there is going to be sitting, and there is going to be thinking.

I'll get up some photos from Fort Pulaski later! I'm not going to say what day, because I might jinx myself.

Ooooh, maybe I'll go take a nap.

Also, it was my mom's birthday yesterday... so I suppose this is kind of a belated shout-out to her birthday, too!


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