Friday, March 18, 2011

Couple of Things

1. So March in South Carolina is officially kind of amazing. It's 83 degrees out today, there's a good breeze. I've already taken a walk around the apartment complex in the sun. It's actually conceivable I may get a tan this year... or at least become a color that is not similar to fresh paper.

This is great for me, but terrible for everyone I know who has allergies. All I can do is make sympathetic faces, really. I'm not saying I won't develop allergies later, but for the moment, I can roll around in hay and flower petals all I want. I'm taking advantage of that.

Uhm. Not by actually rolling around in hay or flower petals, though.

2. My mother-in-law's surgery was yesterday. Jason's aunt Gena was there, as well as his dad, and they kept Jason and I up to date on everything that was going on. Everything seems to have gone fairly well, Robin is in a hospital room recovering, so cross your fingers for the quickest recovery possible for us, okay?

One of my friends just got his wisdom teeth out; he's a little older than I am. He seems to be sleeping away the days just like anyone recovering from this kind of thing should. I have some pretty terrible memories of the actual act of getting my own wisdom teeth out, so I am no help in matters like these. All I can say is, "Well... milkshakes are awesome, and you can have all you want!"

And then everyone stares at me.

And I go back to my coffee.

3. BEES. There are BEES EVERYWHERE. No one told me about this part of southern springs. The bees and wasps are flying all over our apartment complex, now that the trees are all starting to bloom. I stare at them like a country under attack, desperately trying to marshal my best defenses.

So far my defenses are to stay inside, or to swear at them.

You can see why I'm leaning toward staying inside.

4. I had yesterday off. I have today off, and I have tomorrow off. Of course I open the coffeeshop on Sunday, so that'll be exciting, but nonetheless... I have three days off in a row, and come hell or high water I am going out with my husband tonight.

You know what, I'll be honest here.

If hell actually rained down upon the earth I would probably not make Jason take me out on a date.

I feel like we'd have bigger issues to worry about at that point.

But it made me sound pretty determined, didn't it?


Well... I'm impressed by how determined I sounded.

5. So there.

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