Thursday, March 3, 2011

because my sister reminded me I haven't posted

I'm going to post this:

Guess which one is me.

C'mon, just guess.

I'll give you a hint: this photo was taken in 1986.

I'll wait for you to think about it.



did you guess the screaming pink thing in a frilly dress?

You win!

I like to believe that even as an infant I was making sure I got my relationship with my siblings off on the right foot: I flail around and screech, they calmly keep smiling and try not to kill me.

I feel like, somewhere, that's in the Big Sister/Big Brother Manual, the most important advice: Keep smiling and try not to kill her. As a Littlest Sister, I did not receive that manual. Only the one titled The Youngest Child: Ways to Eternally Annoy the People Who Love You Most... But Hey, at Least You're Cute!.

It's true, you know.

I am adorably cute.


just not in that particular photo.

Two and a half days 'til 25, and I just got off work... can you tell?

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  1. That was my first experience at getting your picture taken so I could have something to put on my desk when I went back to work...even then you didn't like it much!


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