Sunday, February 13, 2011

A tisket, a tasket

Today, I wish I had my new camera already.

The cat's been adorable,

Jason is in the kitchen throwing something delicious together for breakfast.

Last night I could have taken photos of this crazy-good dinner I made (Rachael Ray, you have redeemed yourself). It was chicken I thawed out yesterday drenched in Buffalo Sauce and a touch of olive oil, baked in the oven with onions rings and then placed on top of some mixed greens with a bleu-cheese-and-sour-cream-and-celery dressing thing that was so good we could have eaten it right out of the bowl.

As a dip.

With crackers.

Or a spoon.

You'll have to content yourself with words, I suppose, for the moment. It should be soon! Hopefully tomorrow or Tuesday.

And then you'll be inundated with mundane pictures of my life all over again.

In the interim, I'll have to leave little tidbits of information, and otherwise sit here and sip my coffee, slathered with milk, sugar, and some cinnamon and pumpkin pie spice for flavor.

In the meanwhile, I want to point out a couple of blogs I follow:

With a Heart Full of Daisies belongs to a woman, Kate, who I knew back in high school, as well as working with her for a summer cleaning college-students' apartments after they moved out. She talks about wedding fashion (she's engaged!), style, design and home decor, food, personal life stuff... basically anything that catches her thoughts long enough to be written down. I really enjoy reading blogs by people I actually know in real life, it's kind of a special sort of cool.

When a Southern Woman Rambles... is run by L. Avery Brown, who is hilarious, the kind of woman whose work you can read and hear her inflections and accent in your mind while you do. Her stories and anecdotes and quips are a ton of fun to read.

rockstar diaries is a new one I picked up, written by Taza, this vibrant smiling lady. She just had a baby, as in roughly two weeks ago she had this baby. I only started reading her about a month ago, so I'm almost as new to all her stories as you will be when you click!

Stealth Jew is another new blogger, a friend of mine. She has three small children, a husband, and an incredibly hectic day-to-day schedule. She's got a wry, sarcastic sense of humor and a great way of saying "Well, isn't THIS interesting" to all life throws at her.

So there are a few blogs around here that I keep up on, some new, and some not, and I think you should give 'em a try, too!

I'm going to finish my coffee now.

I wonder if I went through my archives, how many of my entries directly reference either the fact that I am drinking coffee now or will drink coffee in the future.

That's probably a very, very good question.

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