Thursday, February 10, 2011

Spring Things

I would like spring to come back soon please.

People in colder states/areas probably think I'm hilarious for this, since winter here is so incredibly mild, but I'm tired of being chilly and of everything being vaguely greenish-brown, short days and weak sunlight. It's pretty much time for green to come back, real green.

For the kudzu to wake up and start moving, like some massive mindless predator, to cover everything in its path.

A working artist from Greenville is in this month's Southern Living, in an article that showcases some artists and craftswomen working with old furniture to refurbish and give new life.

Barb Blair owns knack (and also, lucky for me, has a blog! A new blog to follow! I already follow like eight hundred but this is a Greenville blog). I thought some of the photos in this month's issue of the furniture she's worked with were really cool.

Perhaps I'll have to make an appointment to mosey on over there and talk to her about getting her start, making a business out of what she is doing, and all that stuff.

You know, life stuff.

In the meantime, spring things. Things that make me think of spring. Maybe I just want to type the word spring a few more times.

Spring is a good season for me. Spring is new flowers and a new humid warmth to the air in Illinois (I can only imagine that my concept of humidity will be vastly changed by living here in South Carolina now), spring is my birthday which always seems kind of fitting, really.

I know I just did a 'pretties' post not too long ago, but really, sometimes I just want to look at pretties... especially when I have no camera to take pictures with (YET, only a few more days!) and not much to talk about except for my own propensity for navel-gazing and worry, two things I am going to try and spare my readers.

So spring things it is.

Things that make me think of spring.

Spring spring spring.

This woven basket from Coldwater Creek.

A photo I took last year, spring flowers in Illinois.

This ladybug-and-leaf necklace from The Brass Garden.

These articles on growing strawberries in hanging baskets or colanders.

These shoes from (who else?) Privo.

This photo, taken last year in April on the Greenville Daily Photo blog.

While I think of these things, it's almost fifty degrees outside and pretty gorgeous. 

Jason will wake up soon, we'll take a walk around the apartment complex. I will bemoan my lack of camera. He will remind me that the camera is coming to me soon.

I will bask in sun, and Jason will, too. The days are getting longer, which we can only be thankful for. Those times Jason gets actual time in sunlight, soaking up vitamin D, are pretty important to us. He went too long driving home from work in dark mornings, waking up to the sun beginning to set at four-thirty in the afternoon. 

That is not a good way to wake up.

I need a walk. Or a nap.

Or more coffee.

Or spring.

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