Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Great Milk Debate

Jason and I have a divide growing between us. We are in the midst of the Great Milk Debate.

No, this is not the whole milk vs. 2% vs. skim debate. That debate doesn't exist in my house; we buy skim. I've always drunk skim milk. I will continue to drink skim milk. The other stuff leaves a kind of film on my teeth.

Unless I'm at Justin's house, because he drinks 2% so if I drink coffee there, well, my choices are somewhat limited. I'll never turn down good milk for my coffee. I'm not that ungrateful or picky of a houseguest.

Just, you know, in my house, we drink skim and wait a second... I think I just rambled off in the wrong general direction.

Let's get back on track here.


Jason and I are in the midst of a debate.

A divide grows between us.

This divide begins and ends with a very simple statement, from me.

"Honey, we need to run to the grocery store and pick up a couple of things."

Jason's response, in that voice that means he is being absolutely reasonable:

"We just went to the grocery store a few days ago, there's not really anything we need."

I point out that we are out of milk.


Who really needs milk? All I do is add it to my coffee.

I point out that we are also out of coffee.

He stares at me. He points out, in that same voice of absolute reason, the absolutely correct and reasonable fact that when we went shopping, he asked if we needed coffee then, and I declined to buy any.

My answer, frankly, was pretty silly. I think I mumbled something about not realizing how low we were on coffee just then, and then I made some for Justin and I when the three of us had dinner and Venture-Brothers-marathon Saturday and by the time I finished making my French press full of coffee for Sunday morning... well...

No more delicious coffee.

I mean, this is the stuff that makes me stop snarling in the morning and start either smiling or not-actively-growling-at-people. That shift in mood is a very important one.

However, Jason points out that in his opinion, we don't really drink that much milk anyway, so really, we could stand to wait until the next time we go grocery shopping, couldn't we?

I repeat that it is a staple.

He repeats his belief that it isn't, not really. We don't even drink that much.

The last time we ran out of milk (or actually, it went bad a whole lot earlier than it should have and we had to toss it) I drank coffee with  raw sugar but with no milk to add creaminess and really, I just don't like coffee all that much without at least a splash of milk. I mean, I'll drink it, but really, why would I do that when delicious milk exists in the world?

And so the divide widens, between "We just got groceries. You are talking about making a completely unnecessary trip. Seriously." and "But... we need milk! Also coffee! Really, we need coffee, and I put milk in my coffee, so we need milk too. But milk! MILK. I will say milk as many times as I have to, here."

So I pose a question to you, friends, family, and random strangers on the internet:

Is milk a staple in your house?

When you run out of milk, do you make your way down to the corner store or to the supermarket pretty quickly to pick up some more? Or do you just wait until your next grocery run, you don't drink that much milk anyway? (For this question, any milk alternatives do count as milk; soy, almond, rice, hemp, etc and so forth that you drink for milk purposes count as milk).

Milky-milk milk milk?



  1. depends...Bob does most of the grocery shopping and no he will NOT make a trip just for milk. We happen to live right around the corner from a grocery store and if i go to eat cereal and there's no milk- i just won't eat my cereal...but if i started baking a cake (or something needing milk- like pudding) and realize i don't have enough milk- then milk WILL be bought promptly. (or say i made chocolate chip cookies- Bob requires milk with cookies, and will buy said milk for his nice fresh out of the oven cookies)

    We do have the milk debate in our house. I like whole milk, it just tastes better to me- skim milk tastes like it's been watered down to me. Bob agrees that whole milk tastes better, but makes the very compelling argument that we really don't need to be adding that kind of fat/calories to our lives. The compromise is 2%, but when he squeezes in a 1% or skim, i get pissy. lol

  2. I'm with you - I don't actually drink milk, but have to have it in my coffee. If I don't have milk, then I don't have coffee and that's just not good. And I know you and well, you need your coffee.

    We had the milk debate early in our marriage and compromised on 1-2%. Since Delainey drinks most of the milk now, we have settled on 2% since she no longer needs whole.


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