Thursday, February 17, 2011

Camera, Chicken, Coffee, Cup

The title of this particular entry makes me feel like I'm on Sesame Street.

 My camera has arrived!

I had begun to despair.

And of course, while yesterday and the day before were both gorgeous days, today is gray and dreary.

Such is my luck.

Jason and I have wandered around a store called Earth Fare a few times. It's kind of like a tiny neighborhood Whole Foods or Trader Joe's, without all the blaringly bright lights, but still with all the cheerful people in aprons asking if there's anything they can do for you. The last time we wandered around in there, I took a newsletter, and it said something on the front about signing up online for coupons and freebies. I did just that, and discovered the "yay! you signed up!" coupon was for a free "Dinner for 4" with a ten dollar purchase.

So last night Jason and I went back, bought some tortilla chips, a little bit of delicious cheese, and dessert... and received, via the coupon, a bag of baby carrots, a little 1 lb container of mashed potatoes (with the skins left in! Nom nom nom) from the deli, and a tiny whole chicken. Okay, so it wasn't tiny. But still! It was a whole chicken!

We looked up how to cook the chicken.

And then Jason made this:

And it was incredible.

In other news... it's warm here. Like, warm. At 10 in the morning, it is currently 52 degrees... on February 17th. That's notable. Yesterday, with all the sun shining on my back, it was wonderful. I keep opening the porch door to let air in, and then having sort of pinch myself because it's February.

Last year at this time, I was taking photos of snow-covered fields and writing poems about winter. This year I'm walking around in T-shirts and sandals.

Which I have not been writing poems about.

I might write an ode to the coffee I'm drinking right now, though.


Not really.

I worried you for a second there, didn't I?

This is the coffee I'm drinking right now. It was reccomended by some friends of ours... I didn't even know it existed before I woke up at their place one morning, went a-rummaging, and found that the great coffee James and Jessie had been making came from this place. West End Coffee is on the other end of Greenville, roasting coffee beans and selling them around town. We found this in Earth Fare, at a really good price for locally roasted stuff. 

I bought the milder stuff, although they have a Smoky Mountains Blend that's very dark. Since I mostly drink my coffee in the 'morning' (morning being a relative term for someone who will routinely go to bed at 3 AM and wake up at 11 AM given half a chance) I like to stick to milder stuff. 

Plus... it works better with my french vanilla half-and-half and milk concoction I tend to drink my coffee with.

It starts out that light, but let me promise you, I add more and more coffee as I drink it, and don't add any more half-and-half or milk. By the end my coffee looks a little less froufy, I swear.

So now that we have witnessed the Return of my Camera, perhaps I will force myself to get dressed and go for a walk... or something.

Or maybe I'll just paint.

Jason picked up a book of photos from NASA's explorations in space from the library, and it reminded me so much of the mental place I was in when I painted this last year, I don't know. My sketchin' hand is itchin' to start something. My paint is itching to paint and I just haven't been able to think of anything to paint. I've got several empty panels sitting here waiting to be filled.

So I suppose that means, despite not having to work, today will hopefully be a busy one for me.

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