Monday, January 17, 2011

The Silliest Post of All

Oh yes. That is yours truly, looking terribly confused, so many years ago.

I am wearing a frilly bonnet.

Why am I wearing a frilly bonnet, you ask?

Only my mother knows the answer to that question.

See, this photo makes perfect sense to me. 

I was playing with my toys, and then I decided to sit in a cabinet. 

But also to leave all my toys out, in a perfect circle where I had been sitting.

Just waiting for some poor unsuspecting parent or sibling to step on them.

That makes much more sense than wearing a frilly bonnet.

This one should be my drivers' license photo, in my opinion.

The cop would still recognize me. You can't not recognize that absolute level of supercool.

Some things never change.

Except now I don't wear barrettes, and you can't make me, nyah nyah nyah.

... and sometimes...

there are those pictures where you wonder if negotiations were involved.

I mean, come on. I am wearing a headband with a little floofy thing on it.

I am wearing a sailor suit dress. To my recollection, dear readers, I have never been in the Navy.


and my socks have little bows on them, too.

This picture of absolute proof of how much I love my parents.


I really, really, really love my parents.

And I can't wait to have kids, so that I can dress them and take pictures of them and two decades later they can point to those photos and go, "What happened here? Who is responsible for this?"

And I will gladly reply, "It is the inherent right of every parent to dress their children in adorable clothing, regardless of whether or not that clothing is a frilly red jumper or a sailor-suit dress. Now go wash some dishes."

And I will laugh.

Oh, how I will laugh.

The end.


  1. I'm already laughing.

    Your parents really knew what they were doing! those are some bad outfits.

    I have some painful photos of me as a little un on my Glen Glenslife facebook page - I keep them there as a reminder to me never to go back to live at my Mum's house

  2. Okay, you are hilarious. I love all of these pictures - I remember very clearly you climbing into that cabinet!

    For the record, I believe the bonnet is your Easter bonnet and I'm sure Grandma Swearingen sang "Easter Parade" to you that day. :-) The sailor dress was for Easter as well. I think it's about the only time Mom forced a dress on you.

    Thanks for the laugh this morning. Love you!

  3. The first picture would have been Easter 1987. I think that's the picture where I realized that "lacy" just wasn't you! The sailor dress was actually really cute and kind of pricey, so no makin' fun, okay???

  4. Hey, I didn't say the clothes weren't adorable, I just find it hard to believe I consented to wear all that floofy stuff!


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