Saturday, January 29, 2011

Showdown at Beaver Creek

Okay, the title has basically nothing to do with the post. I just thought it sounded clever.

Let's move on.

The condo we stayed in was sort of a vertical housing situation. One came in the door, and there was the front landing with coat hooks and stairs down to a sort of 'rec room' in the basement, with a bedroom just off the landing. Up some stairs, you had a bedroom with a queen-sized bed, and then the bedroom with two sets of bunk beds. Up MORE stairs, and you had the spacious little living room area. Up yet more stairs, you had the kitchen and dining area. So our living situation was one large upwards rectangle, basically.

I have photos from the inside of the condo we stayed in. I do. I have a lot of photos, actually. In almost every one of them, however, there are people. Some of those people (*cough* Justin *cough) had just woken up in about four of the pictures, and I decided against posting photos wherein men in pajamas and silly hair are blocking my view of the kitchen or making faces at me.

And, to be honest, most of my photos of the inside of the condo involve either men in pajamas and silly hair, or people making silly faces in my general direction.

Or wearing ski goggles inside the house.

Actually, counting silly faces, almost every picture I took in which a person shows up, they are making silly faces. Hmmmn...

What I do have an unblocked photo of, however, is the glorious Antler Lamp in the living room.

Some of you who are on my facebook have already seen this photo of the glorious antler lamp. I think, however, that you'll be thrilled to get to see it again.

It simply is that glorious.

Look at it. Don't you want one? I kind of do.

It was snowing when I took that photo. It snowed a lot, off and on. An inch here, two inches there. It was a dry, powdery snow, that kind you sink up to your hips in if you're not paying attention.

For the record, I did not sink up to my hips.

Corey did.

Regardless, though, whenever the sun did come out to play, bouncing off all that bright snow, it was absolutely gorgeous outside. We were nestled a bit up the side of a mountain. The skiers and snowboarders in the group could actually get up to the lifts without that much effort at all. This is, I am told, advertised as a "ski-out" amenity.

The first day we actually had the full day on the mountain was sort of an adjustment day. The whole week, we never really did get used to the time change, Jason and I. We were constantly waking up before dawn or getting sleepy at like 9 p.m. We never adjusted all the way to the altitude; the summit of Beaver Creek is over 11,000 feet above sea level, and while we weren't quite that far up, we were pretty up there. The whole week, going up stairs was some serious breath-stealing exercise, and even sitting still or just walking, every once in a while we had to stop and take a huge deep breath before moving on.

One thing I noticed, too, was very little in the way of wildlife sounds. Birdcalls are sort of a matter of course in my life, background noise I hardly notice. Squirrels chattering away at each other is the same thing. But up in the mountains, we saw some fat pigeons and some odd half-white blackbirds, but hardly heard any animal sounds at all.

It made for a strangely serene, quiet environment.

Full of skiers.

And snowboarders.

And also a fantastic environment to relax and have a vacation with my husband and our friends for a week, you know?

Although I myself did no skiing and in no way can be convinced to regret that decision, I had the best time hanging out, walking around, looking at all these new things and this new area and these mountains unlike the Appalachians I am used to in so many ways.

That's it for today. I need to go help make some food before I go into work. Adjusting back to work has been somewhat of an effort; I am in the silliest of moods when there and have a hard time being serious. Luckily, my job is not really negatively affected by silly moods and often customers seem happier to see me acting silly than serious.

More photos tomorrow, although I may not be quite so wordy tomorrow.

Oh, who am I kidding.

When do I not ramble on and on forever about the tiniest things?

I blame the schools.

Now, to consider changing out of my pajamas before I go into work...

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