Friday, January 14, 2011

A Series of Thoughts

1. There is nothing better than snuggling up under all my blankets at 1 AM and reading Dracula until my eyes give out. Nothing. Bram Stoker's novel, considered by many people The Original Vampire Novel, is one of my favorite books to pick up over and over and over again. There's so much there, so much subtext both that Stoker intended and subtext that we only see now as a 'modern' audience that he didn't really seem to intend at all.

It's such a good story. And curled up under the blankets with a single lamp and a candle going, I don't know, there's just something incredible about reading like that.

2. I love my fleece-y plaid blanket. I know I've said before that I love it, but I'm not sure you, my lovely readers, understand just how much I love it. It might as well be socks or a shirt for how often I am seen wearing it... it's just one fo the first things I put on when I get up, and I wrap it around my shoulders and keep it on them until I must leave.

3. No, I'm not pregnant or planning to get pregnant. I just like chickpeas. (See my last blog post for the reason I felt the need to inform you of something I am not, heh).

4. I am making curried chicken salad for my Food Experiment of the Day. Tomorrow is sausage and spinach soup or pasta or something of that nature, and Sunday is the feijoada experiment. I am excited.

5. Wednesday, I will be flying out to Colorado to enjoy some time with my friends and have a vacation. I'm excited, and terrified.

Both at the same time.

6. Upstate South Carolina is finally starting to thaw out. Finally. I was beginning to think people would drive 10 miles an hour on a 40 mph speed limit road forever.

7. I picked up Bloodroot, a fairly new book, at the library today. I'm intrigued. I'll let you know if I like it!

8. There is nothing like the smell of chicken and onions and curry and garlic and ginger and yum in your kitchen... or if you live in a tiny one-bedroom apartment like I do, your whole apartment. It is such a wonderful set of smells.

9. Nothing like the sound of sizzling onions, either. Except... other sizzly things, I suppose. Hmmn, should have thought that sentence through a little better.

10. I am concerned at my own growing domesticity.

I fear there may be something wrong with me.

Oh good heavens, what if I start actually cleaning up after myself next?

Terrifying thought. I'd rather think about Dracula some more.

You want a real horror movie, just set a vaccuum on for two hours and tape my reaction.

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