Monday, January 3, 2011

Return of the Katie and Goals for 2011

 Back in South Carolina. I left Illinois in a tank top layered under a long-sleeved thermal shirt, with a wool tie-vest AND a scarf AND my winter coat on top of that. Before going through security, I took off my coat. It was 24 degrees outside, not counting wind chill, when my parents walked me into the little airport in Bloomington to say goodbye - 'til next time.

I cried at Target when I hugged Christina and my little niece Delainey goodbye. She'll be so much bigger by the next time I see her; she'll have so many new words and things to tell me.

I cried at the airport, hugging my parents goodbye.

I think sometimes that people who are not close to their families must think I'm crazy, but I mean it; these people are half my heart, and it hurts to tear myself away from them.

So I boarded the plane, and I discovered I actually can get airsick on planes if I eat too soon before a flight.

So that was awful.

My seatmate, a teenage girl, could not be forewarned this time as she had her headphones going when I sat down, but she figured out soon enough and gave me plenty of space to freak out in. It was a smooth flight; at least that's what everyone else on the plane kept saying. I'm not so sure, but then I wouldn't say I was an unbiased participant.

When I touched ground in Atlanta, Georgia, it was 60 degrees outside at 8:30 at night. I immediately divested myself of my wool vest and began the long slog from my gate to baggage claim. I dislike those trains that take you there faster, and my flippy-flopping stomach and growing headache would not let me even consider something that went 'whoosh' as a travel option.

I walked. I walked and I walked and I walked. The person who invented the moving walkway should be sainted or win a Nobel prize or something.

I looked it up. No one knows who invented the moving sidewalk, but they first appeared in 1893 at the Chicago, Illinois World's Columbian Exposition.

Okay, that's cool.

Moving on:

So I walked some more, and I kept walking, and eventually when I was five steps from putting my stuff down and refusing to walk one more step, I saw Jason.

And while I didn't quite run towards him, I know I picked up speed.

There was hugging, and some more hugging. A kiss may have been exchanged, but a lady doesn't kiss and tell. Then again, he is my husband. The wedding ring on my finger probably kind of tells that we kiss.

It's a clue, of sorts.

So I have something like 545 pictures to go through, pick out those I'm going to use, edit them, and then get them ready for posting here... or in the case of the roughly one billion kajillion photos of my niece, figure out which ones I'm going to e-mail to my sister and my family. Have to figure out what stories go with what, and how to tell those stories.

Tonight I made dinner, and it was delicious, and I plan to share that recipe with you tomorrow, along with the first set of photos from my Christmas trip to Illinois.

Tonight I need to work on cleaning my living room a little bit, and whispering to myself, "Home sweet home. Home sweet home. Home sweet home."

I also made a short list of goals for 2011; not resolutions, not exactly. These are things I would like to accomplish, but I don't consider them written in stone, except for maybe the first two.

1. By the end of next year, I want to be able to run 3-4 miles without stopping.

This may not seem like much of a goal, but trust me, this is going to take a lot of work on my part... I am still terribly out of shape and fell off the exercise bandwagon when the holidays rolled around.

2. I want to write, take photos, or draw each and every single day. Even if it's only a single photograph, even if it's only a five-line poem, even if it's only a gesture-sketch of someone's arm and nothing even remotely finished.

3. Write in this blog at least three times per week, on a schedule. Monday-Wednesday-Friday, that kind of thing.

4. Find myself in possession of a more professional-quality camera.

5. Pursue a positive attitude; life is a gift, love is a gift, every piece of luck I get is a gift, every setback is something I can and should deal with as it comes to me, not allow to pile up until I am too panicked to breathe.

That's all, for the moment.

Back to clicking through endless photos.

You will not believe how many pictures I have of people opening presents.

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