Monday, January 31, 2011


This pendant, a charm for safe travel, by debradane at etsy...

Giclee on canvas
30 x 24

This painting, as well as all the others I could find, by the late Pino Daeni. His understanding of skin tone was incredible.

This women's bluegrass CD I bought at Mast General Store a few months ago...

The most beautiful (and ridiculously expensive) Kitchen-Aid mixer I have ever seen in my life.

(Even Jason drooled over this with me in the Williams Sonoma store)

This song by Ingrid Michaelson

The newest Spectrum book on contemporary sci-fi and fantasy art, Spectrum 17. I own 15 and 16. I would love to own every single book they've ever put out... these are some of the best art books I've seen.

This bracelet I got from my sister at Christmas, which I wore as a good luck charm while traveling on vacation.

oil on canvas
50 x 60

This beautiful painting by Britten, whose work was being shown at an art gallery in Beaver Creek when we were there, and which you can see more of at the art gallery's website here.

The King Is Dead, the new CD by the Decemberists, oh so soon to be mine all mine (ah, gift cards are so wonderful).

The lovebirds necklace by the vintage pearl... although obviously the initials I would get on my necklace would be, er, slightly different.

One more, and then I shall end this parade of mindless consumerism. I've been looking at pretty things in-between my stop-and-start attempts to pick up our living room while Jason is sleeping... to do without being loud enough to wake him up. 
Which is difficult, since the cat has now decided that closing the bedroom door is a signal for her to start yowling as loudly as she can to try and get in and/or out, depending on which side of said door she is on.

last, but not least...

This tea, arguably the best of all possible ideas for tea. It's a chocolate mint tea, and with a touch of milk and honey it's like drinking a Thin Mint dipped in cream. 

I just drank the last of our chocolate mint tea last night.

This makes me very sad.

Perhaps it is a sign we need more.

(This is what I keep instead of cookies. If I buy cookies... I eat them. This is a problem.)

Instead, I drink tea.

Okay, now done with the pretties and time to force myself to focus 100% on neatening up my living room.


Hmmn, I wonder what else there is to look at on the internet...


  1. That mixer is beautiful! We love our Kitchenaid, but it's not quite so...elaborate. What a great color - you know it's good when Jason oohs over it too!

    I liked your list - thanks for sharing! Makes me want to buy something...

  2. For baking, Glen! To mix the ingredients.

  3. I adore all these "pretties," especially the lovebird necklace. Great finds!


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