Monday, January 10, 2011

Now -This- Feels Like Home

A note: This is DEEPLY picture-heavy. You have been warned.

 For days people have been warning us, on the news and in person, that "the big snow" was coming (this is a quote from a man who bought coffee from me on Saturday at work), that we should be stocking up on our bread, milk, eggs, anything we might need to see us through a really bad snowstorm.

Sure, it's been a little cold, but really? The "big snow"? How bad could it be?

Last night, I was up until about midnight. For a while, it seemed like nothing was going to happen. There was nervousness, and warnings going all around. Every school, local government, and medical office in the greater upstate area appeared to be closed for Monday by 11 PM, with not a flake on the ground in the Greenville area just yet.

So I shrugged, went to sleep, and figured I'd see it in the morning. Around 2 AM I woke up from a weird dream, looked outside, and there were a few flakes falling, some whiteness on the ground.

Pretty, but nothing to write home about.

So I went back to bed. I got a text in the morning from my boss telling me work was closed today, and figured okay, must be some ice, probably not much actual snow, rolled over, and went to sleep. Jason came home, not too much off his usual time.

At some point, I decided to get up and start my day.

Well... that's not the color South Carolina is supposed to be...

I decided to investigate this anomaly. Click the 'Read More' link to read on.



 Yeah, that is definitely not what  was told South Carolina winters would be like...

But when it snows like this, there can be only one solution:

We have to go play in the snow. I can hear children laughing and running in frantic circles from where I sit right now, but when I got dressed in my snow clothes (Tank top, T-shirt, long-sleeved shirt, two pairs socks, pants, coat, three scarves, my poor sneakers since I have no snow boots) the sounds were kind of incredible, coming from everywhere. Like kids on Christmas.

I decided to hike down the hill to see our friend Justin, who I knew had been feeling poorly since Saturday night (did I seriously just write feeling poorly and not notice I used that phrase until I went over this post to edit it before posting? Wow. I feel like a pioneer doctor making house calls). On the way, I took some photos of everything, because seriously... everything begged to have photos taken of it.

 Navigating my stairs was a teensy bit treacherous, but I am a brave adventurer who fears no slippery stairs nor getting snow in her socks. Also, snow in your socks is very, very, very very very cold. Just saying.

I encountered a poor young man trying to dig his car out using the tiniest little car-ice-pick thing I'd ever seen. He told me he was from Hawaii and was very confused. I sympathized with him and made a resolution not to drive on the same roads he was driving on.

It's not so cold; mid-to-upper-20's, which is very doable for playing outside. My hair was wet, so that was kind of awful, but I just covered it with the green scarf (a gorgeous present from my mother-in-law!) and my brown-and-white hat my friend Sarah made for me, oh, maybe seven years ago now...

... and tried to keep my eyes open in the blowing snow. Oh yeah, it was still snowing. I think it finally stopped an hour ago or so (around 12:30-ish). They're saying it will be on-and-off all day.

What my feet looked like after a good five minutes or so.

Kudzu, still feathery and so very, very dead.

Well, not dead. It's sleeping. Waiting for its chance to strike.

Like a hibernating leafy virus.

Or Jaws with chlorophyll.

The retention pond. You can see here how it was still snowing, quite a bit.

I stopped by Justin's, made him some soup, and whirlwinded back out into the snow to hike back up the hill.

Five bucks says that's solid ice tomorrow morning.

Oh well.

Jason is awake, and we are going to suit up and go back out! My second hike today, his first.

I think I'll take the camera. Maybe I'll get even more pretty pictures... maybe I'll even update twice in one day!

Madness, I know. Utter, utter madness.

In any case...

I'm gonna go play in the snow with my husband!


  1. It's not supposed to be like this in the South. Did you bring this with you from Illinois? If you did, thank you! = ]

  2. Katie you have to go to Robin's and make an igloo since you missed out before. From what I hear it might be good to do it since Monica is in Charleston and is not there to supervise. Have fun and be safe - great pictures. Julie


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