Monday, January 17, 2011

So... Much... Packing...

 Two days out from leaving for our trip with friends to Colorado and I have discovered I only have the ability to pack between the hours of 11 PM and 2 AM. Not long ago I discovered my cleaning abilities are at their best at roughly those times, as well. I'm guessing it comes of trying to keep myself busy while Jason is at work.

I suppose I could go to bed like decent people do, but... that just ain't gonna happen.

I had Iron Chef America playing on Food Network for the last hour or so. There's just something about Bobby Flay snapping at his poor helpers when the pressure cooker isn't going fast enough that makes the packing experience so much better.

I packed the way I always pack; Set spaces on the carpet that represent specific days of the trip, and make sure I have underthings, shirts, and pants for each of those days. The idea is to use as few clothes as possible by making sure most of your clothes can be switched out with each other or layered for warmth without looking absolutely silly.

Not that I worry that much about looking silly, but there will be other people with us, you know. People who have feelings about my cat sweater that don't consist of it being the cutest 5$ sweater ever.

I attempted to start packing for Jason, too. I'm not sure how successful I was, really. There are clothes which belong to him that are in the suitcase. He has enough to get through a week. That's an accomplishment, at least.

This being a vacation, and me being the kind of vacationer I am, one of the most important parts of packing is deciding what books to take. I am limiting myself to three (possibly four if the fourth is a very small book), one small notebook, and a small sketchbook. That seems like a lot, but...

You know, I don't really have a defense for that, other than I like books, I like writing, I like to draw, I like to do those things on vacation too, so there.

So I've got The Making of a Story: A Norton Guide to Creative Writing, which I've had for a while but never did get all the way through, Bloodroot, and Our Lady of the Forest. I suppose I'm on kind of a Strange-Women-Living-Strange-Lives kick right now.

In any case, I'm trying to do a little bit of cleaning up before I have to work this afternoon, a closing shift. I'll come home tonight and attempt to do a little more to spruce the place up, since we'll have a friend coming over to make sure our kitty is fed while we're gone.

Tomorrow is a day shift, although thankfully a short one, since Jason and I need to do some last-minute running around before we're set for our trip.

For now, I'm going to attempt to fight off this massive nasty headache and do some cleaning before work.

It is non-stop excitement at my house today.


  1. Yay! FINALLY a vacation! Is this your belated honeymoon?

  2. Haha, not quite! We're going with a group of like 10-ish people, so it's not exactly a cozy and romantic kind of trip!

    Belated honeymoon is our NEXT vacation plan, probably next year! Three years late ain't too bad, right?


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