Sunday, January 30, 2011


I don't have much to say today.

I just have a tired brain and fuzzy thoughts.

Adulthood should really involve less time spent working and more time spent together.

Until I acquired our cat, I had no idea that cats could be as vocal as she is. I had never really heard a cat 'chirp' like this before.

I know that seems random, but she's sitting next to me making little chirpy sounds trying to get my attention.

So it made me think of it.

So here are some photos from our vacation, in lieu of any long and rambling posts about my life, or my feelings.

Those are simple to sum up.

Life is fantastic, mostly, except for when it is isn't.

I feel fantastic, mostly, except for when I don't.

I suppose I'll go make some coffee - Jason during our vacation declared it 'consciousness juice'.

He's probably right.

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