Friday, December 31, 2010

Preview of My White Christmas

So I discovered something magical.

My mother's computer has a slot for digital-camera memory cards! Which means I was able to pull a few photos out to show all of you before I'm home (hopefully tomorrow night! Cross your fingers for that plane to take off on time!) and have a couple of hours of free time to load those pictures up and choose which I like best!

And also sift through 400+ photos of my niece to find the few that are of snow.

I think I have a photo of my own foot, too.

I don't know why.

So for now:

The street my parents' driveway opens onto, as of Tuesday.

The temps have since risen and now everything melted and is just wet and awful looking.

Your intrepid blogger, taking a frigid walk in the snow just so she can take pretty photos and give them to you.

I am so selfless that way.

Okay, I just like walking in snow.

But you readers still get the benefits, right?


Some pumpkins out at my grandpa's farmhouse. I... think they may be taking Halloween down a little bit late, don't you?

Everyone have a good weekend! I won't be updating tomorrow or Sunday, as I'm going to be alternately on a plane, off a plane, in a car, in my house, walking down a hill, and at Justin's apartment with Jason and everyone having what promises to be the nerdiest first-party-of-the-new-year-for-me ever.


My sister Christina and my brother-in-law J.W. are going out, leaving Little Miss Delainey in the care of her Grandma Laura, her Grandpa Randy, and me!

Best New Year's Eve party ever.

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