Sunday, December 26, 2010

A note on my continued existence

I'm alive!

I'm also in Illinois.

Flight was okay; turbulent and panicked, due to my rampant fear of heights, that particular fear the filling chocolate cake of fear topped by a happy dusting of every plane accident that has ever happened going through my mind during takeoff.

I lived, in any case.

I warned my seatmate that I don't do well on planes. He informed me that he flies 13-20 times a year for work.

"Good! That's reassuring, because you're still alive," I responded.

He said "Yes I am," and put his headphones on.

So I flew, and I saw no ground through my flightk, because I wasn't looking. No one else did either; we flew over the clouds that brought snow to the south.

South Carolina, my new green humid warm home, got a couple of inches of snow pretty much the minute I was gone.

They had a white Christmas! I know my sister-in-law had to be thrilled, she was all excited at the prospect when I left.

Now I'm here, in my parents' living room, watching my hilarious brilliant genius little niece play. We're going to go into town to buy some supplies, do a touch of shopping, and return in time for a Christmas night of extended family visiting... to watch this incredible child open more presents.

She grew so much in the months I was gone.

No pictures until I return, I think; all I have is Mom's computer. I may buy a small flash drive and go ahead and put photos up. I have some adorable photos of Delainey with presents.

I have adorable photos of Delainey doing all sorts of things, honestly.

I may or may not have been involved in a tea party with two dolls, a teddy bear, and "banana hot apple juice tea". That needed to cool.

Because it was too hot.

All that is missing in this moment in my husband... I return to him soon.

For now...

Delainey tells me which penguin is taller and I am content.

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