Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I Am Bad At Planning

I would label this "Part One", but if I tried to explain all of the individual ways and dates and examples of my inability to plan well, then we would just be here forever. My entire blog would be about my inability to plan for things ahead of time. I am famous for wandering circles around the house looking aimlessly for the toothbrush I brought with me, this pair of pants or that pair of socks lost to me, always forgetting some important object I thought I had placed out where I would see it, convinced that I had even written myself a note... and still, I forget.

An entire blog of those stories?

That, I think, would just be no fun.

Well, it might be fun. Maybe it would start a trend.

But let's just leave that a prayer unanswered, shall we?

In any case, the specific ways in which I am bad at planning for this particular moment of time are that I both left all the gift card-presents I had for people in South Carolina, and I forgot the particular cord which allows me to put pictures from my digital camera onto computers.

So although I have my mother's permission to load photos onto her laptop in order to post a couple of my winter wonderland shots...

it ain't gonna happen.

I have roughly... 310 photos I have taken. this leaves less than three hundred remaining. Roughly 75% of those are of Delainey, my little niece, doing whatever it is Delainey decided to do at that moment. The other 25% is a split between photos of my various family members and pictures of snow.

For now, my words shall have to suffice when it comes to this trip to Illinois.

My words are this:

My niece is incredible. My sister is the best person I have ever known. I made my mother's bed, conceivably the first bed I have actually made voluntarily and not out of necessity. Today I went out and saw my grandma's tombstone, privately said goodbye until next I can come. We have not gone shopping, not once. My brother's laid-back easy-going attitude is ever a helpful dose of serenity in my life. I miss my husband. I love my grandpa. I miss my cat. I love my whole family. I miss my grandma just as much every single moment as I missed her when I said goodbye. Christmas has been awesome! All it needed was Jason. The world here is white, all white, twenty miles in every direction is white. Snow, snow, snow. It's beautiful, with the extra sweetness of knowing I can leave it and go back to (relative) warmth in SC. I have woken up before 8 AM every single day.

I love it here...

but I can't wait to go home, too, back to Jason and my kitty, to my job and our lives and my in-laws, our friends and all that Greenville has within it. Still, it's going to be hard to board that plane, because half my heart lives here all year round.

That said...

hopefully next time I get it together enough to be able to share my photos with you without having to wait a week.

Let's just hope I don't forget my toothbrush this time.

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