Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Adam

One of the fun parts about finally being in South Carolina, with my in-laws, is that the childhood stories I have previously heard (Greatest Hits Currently Include: Jason falling asleep face-first in spaghetti, Jason being given "a ticket to sleep" and promptly passing out in his carseat, Jason playing with dust when Robin tried to punish him by taking his toys away) are being augmented by new stories.

Jason, as a child, disliked the rigid understanding we have that children open presents on Christmas Day or, in some families, get one on Christmas Eve. Child-Jason sat and thought this over, and realized something very important; Christmas Eve... but Eve came after Adam!

Which means...

Two days before Christmas? Is Christmas Adam. And he came up with an idea to get to open a present on Christmas Adam, too. Apparently there is also Christmas Creatures of the Earth and Sky (getting a full week before Christmas by going through the whole Creation story in the Bible) but I don't think Robin and Rusty let him win that one.

So we are at Christmas Adam; the presents are finally wrapped, albeit badly. There is a reason my family really didn't like that I did the present-wrapping. I'm famous for using up four times as much tape as necessary and still handing over a lumpy mystery-box to relatives.

They're wrapped, in any case. It's not elegant or graceful, but it's done.

It turns out my Christmas present from Jason (the Mark Twain autobiography), although I thought I had ordered it before the publisher completely ran out, may not come anywhere near Christmas. So I went out and got The Princess Bride to read on my flight and in my spare time over my week in Illinois. You may think a whirlwind week of visiting friends, relatives, and countrymen won't leave much time for reading... but if you think that, you vastly underestimate how much I love books.

Tonight is dinner with my in-laws, then packing for my trip. Tomorrow I have a very short shift at work, then dinner with family and some friends, then my Christmas with my in-laws, then sleep...

and then...


Which has gotten a bit of snow... so I'll be flying into what promises be a white Christmas.

As my mother said earlier today...

I am TWO SLEEPS away!

Happy Christmas Adam, everybody!

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  1. Someone else on Facebook mentioned that today is Christmas Adam! How funny! They get their kids coloring books and crayons for Christmas Adam - as a way to keep the kids busy and out of the adults' hair right before Christmas.

    Can't wait to see you! I'm so excited you are coming, although we will certainly miss Jason!


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