Thursday, December 2, 2010


That is the best word for the temperature right now here in Greenville. It's wonderful; this slight bite of winter to the air, but still 50 degrees during the day. It's been sunny for a couple of days, too; beautiful weather to wear a light sweater or a long-sleeved shirt and take long walks in the sunshine.

I've seen quite a few people pulling out their thick coats or complaining about the cold. My Yankee-born heart knows no fear of 50-degree-weather! But I can tell you that my upcoming Christmas trip to Illinois is going to be a very frigid one, and a hard adjustment. They tell me your blood thins pretty quickly when moving from climate to climate, that by next year I'll have my coat on with everyone else.

I'm sure I will.

I love coats! I'd like to be able to pull my winter coat out and wear it. I just think it looks very weird to walk around sweating because I'm so hot, but darn it, I love my winter coat.

A winter coat I only own because my mother insisted, last year, that I should probably get one. I suppose the second or third time I described the complicated series of sweater-layers I was wearing against the cold in southern Illinois just was too much.

It's so pretty here! There's even still color in the trees. The "star" light on top of Roper Mountain (I live along Roper Mountain Road) is on... it sits at the very top and it's really gorgeous to see lit up at night while I'm driving home.

We have a December ahead of us that is not going to be very friendly to our bank account; I need to change over much of the registration and insurance on my car, we are planning for a trip in January, lots of Christmas presents to buy... my bank account shudders in anticipation.

Then again; Christmas.

Christmas and the prospect of seeing my niece and my sister and brother and my brother-in-law and my whole family again pretty much make up for my bank account's woes.

I have no photos for you this entry; I made an incredible breakfast casserole last night, but my camera has been on the verge of dying and I'm not sure I got any decent pictures of it. It wasn't a pretty casserole? But it was surely delicious.

Nom nom om nom, as the cookie monster would say.


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