Friday, November 26, 2010

We sure give a lot of thanks in this family

So some exciting things are happening:

1. Wednesday night we had dinner and a movie with Jason's family, the first of the three large family dinners I am attending this week.

2. My parents are here! They flew in yesterday morning to the Atlanta airport. Jason and I drove to go get them. We had their tickets forwarded to us as an e-mail, with an arrival time of 9:30. At 9:06, my cell phone rings and I look down and it's my father's cell phone (which he never uses).

I picked it up.

"We're on the ground now in Atlanta," he says.

"That's nice," I reply, then stare at Jason and shrug. "We're, uh. We're still a half-hour away."

Atlanta airport was crazy, as it always is. But we got them back here all good and safe. We are borrowing my mother-in-law's car because our one car right now is a little two-seater sports car, and while it TECHNICALLY has four seats, those bucket seats in the back just do not cut it.

2. Last night was our official Thanksgiving dinner at Jason's Nana's house, and it was crazy and awesome and full of wonderful food. I made Green Bean Casserole and a cranberry sauce with orange and rum. I'll put up the recipe for the cranberry sauce and probably the casserole, since I do things a little bit differently sometimes. Oh all the food was wonderful, from Nana's special crab dip to the turkey being perfect to this great stuffing Gena made to a pecan chocolate pie...

Thanksgiving is the best excuse for gluttony ever.

3. Today we took Mom and Dad and the Faulks downtown for shopping, which is always and ever exciting. Some of my Christmas presents have been purchased :) and I have some ideas on presents for others that I didn't have before!

More later; I have a couple of photos, but not many, from there.

4. Tonight is our second Thanksgiving dinner with the family, which promises to be equally awesome. Jason is currently napping while I cook the cornbread for the beginning of the oyster-and-bacon stuffing I'll be making for dinner.

5. I think I've cooked more in the last 24 hours than in the last two weeks, honestly.

6. Justin (Jason's best friend) made an apple pie he is bringing. This brings me much joy.

7. Tomorrow we're going to swing by my workplace and then come up with something to do that will be fun and illustrative of what living here in Greenville is like; ie, wonderful.

Pictures later... words only for now.

I am having such a good weekend...

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