Thursday, November 4, 2010

Topaz Thoughts

I have a hard time believing it's November already.

It seems like it was just a couple of weeks ago that Jason and I made it here, collapsed into a friend's guest bed because we were too tired to even deal with our own, and started this grand adventure of the Upstate.

November is a good month for me; my niece's birthday, my sister's birthday, Thanksgiving (in which I get to see my family!). Fall is only really settling down here in November, and fall is always my favorite season. I've said Spring before, but let's be honest, that's a lie and I only say that because my birthday is in the nebulous time between winter and official spring.

In the midst of planning and plotting.

Tomorrow the idea is to go buy my niece's birthday presents and hopefully get them mailed out the same day; that should have them arrive either the day before or on her birthday? To be honest, the post office system is a little... weird when it comes to what day things arrive.

When I lived in southern Illinois, we could mail a letter to South Carolina, and a letter to my parents four hours' north in Central Illinois. We could mail them on the same day. South Carolina would receive the letter first.

So I'm hoping that whole concept still works. Or I'll go to UPS...

I am so excited for Thanksgiving. It'll be the first I've seen of my family members in-person in months. There will be food. I will probably turn into a happy four-year-old at some point. Such is the truth of life.

This is just an update because I am still here. I haven't been up to much the last few days, other than hanging out with friends and generally enjoying fall.

And coffee.

Speaking of which...

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  1. I'm drinking coffee, too. Yum!

    Um, we aren't having Delainey's party until the 20th, since JW will be home then, so no worries about the presents. I was laughing today because JW sent us a card and it was postmarked like 6 days ago - where has it been?!

    I wish we could have worked it out for Thanksgiving! I'm definitely looking forward to Christmas!

    Love you,


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