Tuesday, November 30, 2010

'Tis the Season?

So, it could stand to be a little prettier today.

Or it could have stood to be a little prettier today. Today is almost over, so it really doesn't have long to redeem itself, and judging by the rain pounding audibly outside, the weather is in no mood for redemption.

The television certainly is, tonight. So far we've watched the last half of Airplane! and are currently watching the Bill Murray Scrooge movie, which I have not previously seen. It is hysterically funny.

So Jason told me, and so I am learning.

In any case, that photo above isn't even from today. It's actually from a rainy day about a week ago. I was headed down the stairs on my way to work, stopped next to the bushes outside our downstairs neighbor's porch, and saw a particularly nice leaf. I took a picture of it.

This is how my brain works, people.

I haven't written in several days mainly because I have been busy, in a kind of constant motion, since my parents were in town visiting. They flew in Thursday morning, Thanksgiving Day. We drove up to the Atlanta airport to get them in my mother-in-law's really nice car, blaring NPR and generally being giggly with one another. I have to admit I was pretty excited.

Their airplane was scheduled to land at 9:30. Jason and I were making great time, even making the outskirts of Atlanta about fifteen minutes earlier than we had thought we would. We were both a little jazzed up, thinking we'd get there early to navigate the incredible labyrinth that is the Atlanta airport's loopy road. At 9:06, my phone rings and it is my father's cell phone. He informs me their plane has just landed and they are on the ground.

Jason and I turn and stare at each other while he drives. "Well, uh... we'll be there in half an hour?"

So we picked them up pretty much at 9:30 on the dot.

We brought them back to get a nice look at our little apartment, all shiny and spiffed up with cleanliness just for their visit, at which point we pretty much packed back up and went to my in-laws' place to start preparing for dinner. I utilized my mother-in-law's incredibly wonderful kitchen space (raised in a small kitchen, I have never had any kitchen that wasn't small when it comes to cooking space, these things endlessly amaze me) and was able to make two dishes for the family dinner at my husband's Nana and Grandaddy's house.


No pictures. Turns out I'm really bad at remembering to photograph anything when I'm surrounded by happy eating people. I'll need to work on that.

I made cranberry sauce and green bean casserole as our contributions for dinner on Thursday. There was so much food; the requisite turkey, there was some kind of white chicken giblet gravy that was incredible, a cranberry relish made with coconut, stuffing, pie... the list kind of keeps going forever. And it never stops being so good...

Eventually, we had to beg off to go home and sleep, as Jason and I were both a little sleep-deprived and beginning to fall asleep on our feet.

Friday morning was a hectic adventure in downtown Greenville, where my parents were introduced to Falls Park and Mast General Store and hopefully fell as much in love with it as I did. We ate lunch at Smoke on the Water, a local barbecue place (who actually catered our South Carolina reception after we got married!) where we ate a whole lot of delicious appetizers and tried to decide how on earth we'd be hungry for Second Thanksgiving.

Somehow, we managed.

Also, my sister-in-law's lips turned blue for a while.

She is apparently very susceptible to chilly temperatures. 

Friday night my contribution was an oyster-and-bacon stuffing. I'd never made stuffing before, but I was willing to give it a try. It was received with almost-unanimous praise, so I'm feeling pretty confident about my stuffing-making abilities. I might even get a medal next year.

I'm pretty sure I'll get a medal.

Also, there was ham, and banana pudding, and... well, I won't list everything. Suffice to say lots of food, all delicious. I tried as much of it as I could physically manage. SO MUCH FOOD.

That's a theme for Thanksgiving weekends in the U.S., my friends from abroad. Gluttony and football.

Saturday we took my parents up to Caesar's Head, up in the mountains around Greenville. It was a pretty lovely scenic drive. We stopped at Bald Rock, a place to look out over the countryside from a pretty high vantage point. Due to my crippling fear of heights, I had to take pictures from a ways away from the actual edge. Although Mom tried valiantly to get me closer to the edge, I could only go so far before that familiar drumbeat of vertigo threatened the edges of my vision.

So I took pictures instead!

I took pictures from a safe distance. In that second photo, to the middle you can see the backs of my mother, my husband, and my father. And then some other people too.

Also a puddle.

That little black arrow I so crudely drew with my little paintbrush tool in Photoshop is pointing at downtown Greenville from the top of Bald Rock. You can just see the tops of the tallest buildings there.

I daresay that's a view my parents aren't exactly used to.

It just stretched on forever. The air is a little clearer up here, and definitely had more a bite of chill to it. This wasn't even all of the way up to Caesar's Head, just a stopping point on the way.

Which brings me to the end of today's blog entry; I'll get another one up in the morning continuing my weekend in some interesting pictures and a whole lot of less interesting rambling detailed descriptions.

This is just a stopping point on the way.

I think it finally stopped raining, too. I hope it stops raining long enough for Jason to get to work safely tonight, safe and awake. He's napping right now; I need to go wake him up.

And then wait for him to come back in the morning, to me on my day off, my ability and willingness to sleep in just to snuggle warm under the covers with my husband and my cat.

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