Saturday, November 13, 2010

A Riot of Color

This town is a riot of color in November, color and sunny warmth. It's just chilled enough at night for me to wear sweaters and long sleeves, but my coat has not yet made its way out of storage. We'll see when that first happens.

November is a good month, generally.

I know a friend who is doing a month of making herself write down one thing she is thankful for every day in a sort of Thanksgiving-run-up. Sometimes it's more than one, but she makes herself write at least one thing.

She told me recently that she noticed that her mood has actually brightened more in the past couple of weeks, because she's keeping track of things that she is grateful for in her life, looking for bright sides all the time.

My little niece is three years old. My sister put up the first picture of the three of them as a family on facebook again; she and my brother-in-law and this tiny little bundle of hair and downturned mouth that was Delainey, in her introduction to the world. I don't know how three years went by so fast; she's so big now! So certain of herself and her world already.

The countdown continues. 12 days until my parents come for Thanksgiving; 42 days until I fly to Illinois for Christmas and see my siblings, my niece, my brother-in-law, my extended family again.

I have plans.

This week's Big Experiment involved taking two of my favorite foods, putting them together, and seeing what occurred. I had thought about this idea for several days, and finally went and looked up a recipe to give me some ideas. I had to tweak it quite a bit, but in the end I thought it came out absolutely incredibly delicious.


Buffalo Chicken Macaroni and Cheese!

I'm going to put up the recipe for it tomorrow, I think. I'll link to the recipe I used as a jump-off point, but the recipe I ended up using was very much my own by the end.

This experiment was tested on Jason, myself, and Justin, and neither of the guys had anything but good things to say, so I'm happy!

Occasionally, I can cook.

While I was meant to close yesterday, I ended up opening and I didn't work today, so we got to sleep in since Jason didn't work last night and we decided to hit up downtown Greenville this afternoon, to take a walk and maybe shop a bit.

Oh, did we walk.

My legs would like to inform you that we walked quite a bit.

I asked him to pose for a picture.


I learned my lesson.

From here on out, I'll just take pictures on the sly!

We walked a couple of miles around Falls Park and back up again, coming back onto Main Street from kind of a back way that involved a lot more straight uphill walking than I was entirely comfortable with. By that time, it was time for early dinner and we ended up eating at Coffee Underground, where I discovered two important things: that Coffee Underground serves alcohol (yay, Bailey's latte!) and that they do breakfast all day long, which means of course that next time I am omelet-ing up the place.

This time, however, the Mediterranean sampler was good enough for me. Hummus, goat cheese, little cut-up artichoke pieces and olives with nice crunch herb bread to put it all on. Nom nom nom.

nom nom.


After that, a touch of shopping at the general store; one of my absolute favorite places in town and probably the first place I always say we need to go when we're downtown. They had a really good deal going on one of my favorite brands to buy socks, hats, gloves, and scarves for the winter from. Their deal was on socks.

So I now own more prettypretty socks from SmartWool, seriously the best socks in the whole world.

The whole wide world.

Possibly even the universe?

I'm pretty confident that that isn't even hyperbole on my part.

Also, shoes. Delightful, incredible Privo shoes. I will stare at them wistfully until one day they are mine. One fine day...


I'll stop this now. I don't mean to do this.

I swear! I'm a tomboy!

There are pictures to prove it and I never wear skirts or dresses except out of obligation or in a sense of respect for specific people. I am the least girly girl ever. I absolutely swear this to you.

So why am I so excited for pretty socks and daydreaming about the new pairs of shoes I wish one day to have?

It is a mystery for the ages.

In short; today was awesome, yesterday was pretty cool too, tomorrow looks like it'll consist entirely of going to work in the morning/afternoon and then cleaning my house at night?

But at least Friday and Saturday rocked.

Depending on how work is tomorrow? Sunday might rock too.

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