Sunday, October 31, 2010

Table Rock, the Third (and Last)

Going to post the last set of pictures. With this, I have officially Accomplished What I Set Out to Do, in order, without delay.

I'm pretty proud of myself.

Last night's Halloween party was fun. Unfortunately, Jason's shifted sleep schedule when it comes to working meant he couldn't sleep very well when the rest of us were, and then tried to be up in the morning when we were, and got veeeeeeery tired on our way back from Clemson, and ended up crashing out for several hours. I slept oddly, too; not bad, just not very much. When I stay at others' houses, though, it's basically a given that I'll only get a couple of hours of sleep... I just can't sleep well at someone else's house.

So I also napped like crazy.

So it hasn't been the most exciting day for us.

Winding down, for now, while Jason kind of winds up for work. Tomorrow I work 11-4, and then we're havin' dinner with Jason's parents and little sister, who is on her fall break from college.

In any case; let's get on to those photos.

More running water. What, you didn't think I was done being absolutely fascinated by it, did you?

I have no idea what these little flowers are, but they were everywhere up there, alongside the path.

Two paths diverged in a wood, and I...

don't remember which one we walked down at the moment.

One of them, in any case.

This is just the roots, trunk, and bottom part of a toppled-over tree. From this angle, though, it almost looked purposefully carved that way. I really liked that. Also, more red dirt.

Water leaks out of the gigantic standing rocks, just as ice-cold as that in the running stream nearby.

The leaves are all these incredible colors.

The sky was overcast and mostly cloudy the whole time, but near the end the blue started to peek out noticeably. As the sun started its descent, everything got a little dimmer, a little darker. The trees are a good frame for a look at the sky.

Tell me that isn't idyllic.

Jason and I, when we got back to about where we had started, took a few minutes to sit on a bench together and just sort of watch this little waterfall. I have pictures of our brown shoes, but they didn't come out, and pictures of our faces; those didn't come out either.

You'll just have to take my word for it, I suppose.

A fitting circle of photos, I think; I took a close-up of a pile of leaves at the beginning of the hike, and here is another close-up here at the end. These leaves are a whole lot more vibrant, obviously, which is how they caught my eye.

Fall has the best colors.

One last look at the little lake next to the parking lot, and it was off to hit up a nearby restaurant for dinner before we went home. The sun was going down in a blaze of colors wherever the clouds weren't.

This is where we stopped; it's right on the road to the park, and maybe a couple of miles from the parking lot, just kind of a skip down the road. It's actually a neat little set of shops that has a restaurant and ice-cream parlor attached, but by the time we got there all the stores were closed...

which actually worked out just fine, since we were starving.

Our water-with-lemons came in real Mason jars.

The dinner menu was written on a dry-erase board that our waitress hung from the wall for us when we came in. In the other half of the restaurant, a couple of motorcycle travelers were trying to get directions to the nearest hotel, and the hostess and our waitress were doing their best to make them a sort of makeshift map.

For our appetizer, we had fried pickles.

Now, you may doubt the deliciousness of fried pickles. You would be wrong. They never stop being incredible. Never.

We only managed to eat about half of them between us, no matter how hungry we were, but man.

So, so good. The thinnest-sliced fried pickles I've ever had, too.

My dinner; a dinner roll (with butter), mashed potatoes with brown gravy, fried okra, and fried catfish.

I ate about half of this and was too stuffed to move almost. (Although not too stuffed to get a teensy bit of homemade vanilla ice cream).

Okay, so two very important things to know about me:

1. I love catfish, in all its possible forms.


2. I love fried okra doused in hot sauce. There was no hot sauce; I had to make do with ketchup. It was a hard knowledge, but I survived somehow.

Jason's dinner: dinner roll with butter, green beans, macaroni 'n cheese, and country fried chicken with white gravy. Jason managed to eat all his food and some of my ice cream when I needed help not making myself sick by eating all of it.

He's a good man that way.

Making sacrifices for me.

We drove home while the sun went down.

It was a good day.


  1. I enjoyed all the pictures with the narrative. Those pickles look awesome! I always eat my fried okra with ketchup. Does that compare to Delainey eating her apple slices dipped in ketchup at McDonalds??? :)

  2. stunning pictures again :-) well done you. Oh and Aunt Sue's... I'm there looks absolutely delicious


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