Saturday, October 30, 2010

Table Rock, the Second

So... where did we leave off?

Oh. Right. Jason on a rock.

Bein' dreamy.

A lot of the hike is, well, not exactly straight uphill but definitely uphill.

There will be a little bridge to walk across, and you can look down and see the water running along these massive outcroppings of rock.

A wall made of rocks piled together caught my attention. By now my legs were very aware of what we were doing, that I don't do it very often, and that they are apparently not fans of hiking.

Obligatory red dirt picture.

I never get tired of the red dirt.

It just fascinates me.

There were gorgeous flowers and, though I only saw two, these beautiful little seed-pods. I'm not sure what they are seeds for, but they are pretty.

There are a lot of gorgeous views on this hike.

That bottom left edge is of the bridge I was standing on.

I love water so clear you can count the rocks at the bottom as it runs.

It was absolutely ice-cold water, too.

A lot of the trees, I noticed, were small and twisty things, doing their best but never going to beat the much taller, stronger trees that made up the 'canopy'.

This is about half a mile in to the hike, when I realized I need to go hiking more, because my legs were becoming very upset.

Still; absolutely gorgeous.

I don't really have any interesting little tidbits about this tree-and-rock combo.

It just looked nice.

The trees are still pretty green in a lot of places, but you can see them starting to change.

Give it a week, maybe two weeks, tops, it's just going to be a pile of yellow and red up there.

Another red dirt picture.

This one isn't obligatory.

I just really like red dirt.

More water, running down.

I think this was actually on our way back down. We had started late enough in the day that actually attempting the whole trail would not have been a wise decision.

I would like to come up in the late morning sometime and attempt the whole thing.


that's all I've got for Part 2.

Part 3 will (hopefully) be up tomorrow night.

Now, I need to go eat some cereal and put on my work clothes... since I need to put some gas in this car before I go to work.

Ambitions today: stay awake at work, nap when I get home, properly dress myself in my costume, party.

I know it's ambitious, but I'm pretty sure I can pull it off.

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