Friday, October 29, 2010

Table Rock, the First

Oh hey look, I'm actually accomplishing something I set my mind to.

I deserve hot chocolate tonight for my reward.

French vanilla hot chocolate, ie not really chocolate-y at all but still the best flavor ever.

Jason rolled his eyes at the store tonight when I picked it up, but oh, how he will wish he had gotten one for himself when he sees how much I enjoy it!

... just as soon as he comes back from hanging out with a friend, at least.

In any case, I managed to narrow my Table Rock photos down to about 50, so we're doing pretty good on that scale. I'm only going to post a few tonight, in roughly chronological order.

In any case, in an earlier entry I pointed out that I woke up Thursday morning (er, afternoon...) to a note from Jason that we would be going hiking at Table Rock when he woke up.

Table Rock State Park  is right at the edge of the Blue Ridge mountains, and not far from Greenville at all. We kind of took the long way, since it's very scenic. There was a horse farm for sale!

Jason seems to think we need to, I don't know, own a house or have some kind of money before we start buying up horse farms.

Silly man.

I wasn't lying when I said it was scenic. That's a little of Table Rock you can see up ahead of us as we drive. I have something like twenty pictures from inside the car as we were driving, the vistas were all just so beautiful.

When we got there, the ground was absolutely coated in leaves, with more sort of gently fluttering down everywhere we looked. The parking area we stopped at was right next to a smallish lake, a playground, and a couple of buildings. There were cabins people can stay in on the weekend down the road from us, which is giving Jason ideas.

Really, it's the shortest tromp ever before you get to the first really beautiful in-the-woods scenery... there's tiny waterfalls and streams flowing like crazy everywhere, and little bridges you can stand on and take pictures.

At the beginning of our hike, we kept running into a photographer who was working with a newly engaged couple to take their engagement photos. They'd sort of scramble out onto rocks so the photographer could take pictures in various poses.

While we were photographing the water, I heard the photographer direct them to kiss. A couple of seconds of silence later, the photographer starts discussing a new pose, and I turn to look, and the couple were still kissing out on those rocks.

They sure seemed to be having a good time.

We hit another spot with lots of flat rock area where you could get right up next to the rushing water without getting wet. There was a lady there with a little white puppy dog who was the most excited puppy in the whole world ever. On her little harness, the puppy would dash over here to jump in the water, then run out and shake herself, and then dash over to some more water, and then stop and wiggle her whole body from happiness.

Jason and her owner and I were dying laughing. The dog discovered us and somehow managed to be even more excited by the prospect of people. Her owner informed me that she was just a little puppy and this was her first time near water, she hadn't been sure how the puppy would feel about it.

"Well, now you know," I said, as we watched her dog all but dive headfirst into the shallow stream.

There is just something about river rocks and how they're wearing down over time.

I never get tired of looking at them.

There is water dripping just everywhere. Parts of this big rock reminded me a little bit of the parks in Southern Illinois, but the rock and the vegetation is very different. Big granite slabs are everywhere.

Jason really liked the sound of the rushing water. He would just sit and listen to it. I am a little more restless; it's hard for me to stand still when my camera-clicking fingers are just twitching to find more things to take photos of. 
Like these.

I wish there was a better way to show just how massive some of these big outcrops of rock were.

It's interesting to think of how old this rock is.

Watch water run by swift as a river in one place, less than a foot away everything is still and calm wehre the leaves are floating.

This imagery is what I can never get tired of; I love running water.

I'd tell you it has something to do with being a Pisces so I can sound all mystical and everything, but...

I just like running water.

I'm also a pretty big fan of moss.

I don't think there's a Zodiac sign known for liking moss.

I really like moss.

It's such a great pop of color on living, dying, or dead trees.

Jason, listening to the water flow.

I have a few pictures of him from this particular hike, but I really like this one, because he just sat there, so very still, and listened to the water for a few minutes, kind of rapt.

With all the greenery and this old stone and the mountain around us.

That's all I have for Part 1. I'll hopefully get Part 2 up before work tomorrow morning. It'll be early; I'm hoping to get it posted before 8:30 AM Eastern Time, since I have to leave by 8:45 to get to work on time.

I would say I don't like the idea of getting up at 7 AM on a Saturday, but I just had the last several days off of work?

So I kind of had my weekend.

So I will wake up early, be cheerful at work if it kills me, and then take a nap.


Then, I shall party.

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing all this. My brain and my heart needed to see all this beauty and appreciation, and let your words and perceptions soak in. I'm struggling, but this helps in a very real and wonderful way. Your stories of what you saw are charming, beautifully stated.

    I saw it because I follow The Daily Coyote, and so glad that Shreve's wonderful work has the additional benefit of leading me to people like you.


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