Friday, October 29, 2010

So I know I said those pictures would be up today

... but it turns out that I actually took about 300 photographs. Now, a good half of them were bad photos or duplicate shots of the same location/scene or just won't make the cut.

That still leaves, what, one hundred and fifty photos?

I'm not sure anyone wants to look at that many photos, even of nature.

Really, really pretty nature.

So I'm going to spend today editing to make 'em pretty and trying to stick to a good fifty or seventy-five photos, split into two or three little entries instead of one giant one. The hope I have, and it is a large hope and perhaps even a goal I can accomplish if I just set my mind to it, is to get one of the entries up today, post another one tomorrow in the early morning before work. Saturday night we're off to attend a Grown Up Halloween Party. Sunday we have another party in the afternoon, and I'll try to get the third Table Rock entry up before I go to bed.

Sometime before Wednesday, I will have some Halloween photos to share.

I cannot resist posting photos of people in costumes.

I simply cannot.

Well, it's kind of grown up.

I mean, everyone who will be there is a grown up. Mostly.

I mean.

We're nominally adults, right?

I'm an adult currently watching 90's Halloween-themed kids' movies while she works, but...

I mean, just look at this clip.

In my dreams, Halloween parties always include at least one viewing of the best Halloween-themed movie ever, Hocus Pocus...

A movie so good I know at least three people who have named their pets, at one point or another, after characters that appeared in the movie. A movie so good I can still name all the main characters in the movie without having to actually watch it again, and you know what, I bet a lot of people I know could too.

I mean, come on. That video is of Bette Midler playing a witch who is putting a spell on all the grown-ups in town by singing "I Put a Spell On You". Actually, I think all Halloweens should include a viewing of Hocus Pocus, the Nightmare Before Christmas, and It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.

What's that, you say? Grown ups should watch grown up movies?


That's clearly a vicious lie.

I'll be over here with my Hocus Pocus, my cup of coffee, and about 150 photos that need to be edited, culled, and made ready for public viewing.

I can't promise Hocus Pocus won't affect how fast I'm working, though.

I put a spell on youuuu...

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  1. I fully agree on all 3 movies. And I can name at least one other thing all the main characters have been/are on(little McGee is so cute!). Not that I ever claimed to be anything resembling an adult. Happy Halloweeeen!


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