Thursday, October 28, 2010

Plans in the Making

Right now, I'm making coffee.

This picture is technically from a week ago or so, but it still gets the point across.

Then I am going to drink that coffee.

At some point, Jason will wake up. I have been informed via note before he went to bed this morning that we are going to Table Rock State Park when he wakes up. Plans are to buy some Whole Foods sushi to eat on the way (have I mentioned I am incredibly amazed by all the grocery stores in this place?) and then go have fun being hike-y.

This plan is exciting.

I am excited.

As a side note:

I read a lot of style rookie's stuff. Tavi is a fourteen year old girl just going into high school who somehow managed, through luck and skill, to become somewhat of a darling of a lot of the fashion labels around here and is a fashion blogger.

She is this crazy resourceful and fun kid and is kind of who I wish I had been at fourteen, so sure of myself and covered in awesome clothing.

Also, The Cotton Wife is where I'm gettin' my farming fix right now. She's posting a lot about their harvests and it all feels so familiar even when the crops aren't the same, it's really nice. The Cotton Wife is a photographer whose husband is a farmer and they have the cutest little red-headed kiddos.

So, I think between those two blogs I am reading right now you get a pretty good look into how I feel in my life, in this place, at this moment.

Hopefully tomorrow I'll have photos from Table Rock to show you.

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