Thursday, October 14, 2010

Delicious Foods

What I meant to write about, and have not been writing about, was Fall for Greenville.

It had been mentioned by several people, all over the place, as something really fun that happens in the city. I was moderately excited by the idea; food tents, tickets, beer, Main Street? Sign me up.

I worked all day Saturday, which was sort of hideously dead for a Saturday since we were competing with this Fall for Greenville thing as well as two football games (Clemson and USC, and let me tell you, people in this state take their college football seriously) and an absolutely gorgeous day outside. Once I got out of work, Jason and I went downtown and I was able to discover just what everyone had been talking about.

First off, there is an insane amount of people that go to something like this. I was actually a little on edge when we first started walking around. I am not really used to that many people all in one place at one time. There were cops every couple of streets, most of the stores were wide open to the public, and people were just everywhere.

From a little tent for an Indian restaurant I picked up a mango lassi (kind of a yogurt shake) to start with, which we drank in about thirty seconds.

Now, I hadn't felt great that day, so of course my absolutely and eminently reasonable mind came to a perfectly sensible decision; I hadn't eaten hardly anything, so let's drink beer before we eat!

Jason had the dark, hoppy beer on the right. For the life of me I cannot recall the brand name, but it was called Arrogant Bastard. It was actually a delicious, really smooth-tasting beer, for how dark it was. The beer which is already halfway gone that you're looking at is mine, and it's a pumpkin ale by... Dogfish Head, I think.

It's the best pumpkin ale I've ever had. So far, I get excited every year and buy at least a single bottle of pumpkin ale, and every year I'm disappointed by the lack of discernable  flavor. I was not disappointed this year.

We continued to walk through the crowds, up and down Main Street. At some point I realized that I was being affected by the beer faster than I'd thought I would be and remembered, oh wait, I haven't really eaten in some hours. So.

The way it works is, you spend 5$ for a sheet of 8 tickets. The beers we had were 6 tickets apiece, for instance. Food starts around 2 or 3 for itsy little stuff and works its way up to 6 or 7 for a fairly well-sized entree. There are food tents from all over the city, and many very expensive and high class places put some of their food out for samplin' on a day like this, thinking that 5 or 6 tickets is a small price to pay for sampling food that's 18$ a plate normally.

Jason and I picked up a cuban sandwich and some plaintain chips, which we devoured quickly enough to be slightly unsettling.

I dragged him into Mast General Store, but we were back out into the street soon enough.

After that, I picked up a spicy tuna roll (delicious and actually really spicy, which I liked; the spice was in the roll instead of being in the kind of mayonnaise sauce) and continued to marvel at the crowd.

As I said before, Clemson and USC both had football games going. Most of the bars on main street had one TV each at least set to either game, and many TV's were turned so people on the street could look in and see them. There were small crowds just standing and drinking their beer and eating just outside of these bars, and occasionally a deafening cheer would go up and we'd know that either Clemson or USC had done something right.

Don't look at me to tell you what happened; the only time I was anywhere near football I was A. something like ten years old and running like a banshee under the bleachers making friends with other random uninterested children or B. in the marching band and spent my time trying really hard not to watch the game, since everyone knows football games just exist to give the marching band a half-time to show off in.

We had a crepe with goat cheese, duck meat, and arugula that was really good, and my favorite food of the evening:

From a Bavarian tent we got a wonderful little knackwurst, a couple of rolls, and a heap of sauerkraut. The sauerkraut was perfect; it was not overly sweet at all, but really clean-tasting. My mouth just watered a little bit remembering it.

At some point we decided we were done with all this crowd madness, got a thing of gelato for dessert from Luna Rosa, and drove home.

Then I worked another three days at 8 in the morning, and yesterday I still woke up at 7 even though I didn't have to. I ended up going over to Justin's really early, which is actually kind of good since we decided to wash a bunch of our very-slightly-colder-weather stuff before we pull it out for the season, since it's been packed since roughly April and went through the move and all.

This morning I woke up at 7:40.

I'd say we're making progress, but I work tomorrow morning so I'll have to get back up at 7 then.

On the other hand, I had a lot of fun last night! We did our weekly get-together, and Justin cooked. Last week Shelly and Don had cooked and this week Justin cooked! He made hummus and a chicken-apple-curry thing which was made of deliciousness. Also he has better coffee than I do, which I find offensive and must fix as soon as possible.

All this enthusiasm and happiness in this entry may actually have used up my energy for the day. Maybe I'll go back to sleep. You know, since I've been awake a grueling three hours of doin' nothin'.


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