Saturday, September 4, 2010

the only thing you drink in paradise

Yesterday, Jason did not work at night.

He doesn't work tonight either.

Yesterday, we went out to the mall, originally I thought we would be shopping for clothing (well, I would...) but I couldn't bring myself to make the investment in new clothes just yet and we ended up wandering the mall. Now, we wandered quickly and left just before Jason was completely done with being able to shop, so I think I timed things well.

We stopped by amanzi tea, a store that is similar to a store I fell in love with at the Mall of America, Teavana, but have hardly seen anywhere else. Amanzi Tea, however, is a much smaller store, but they have little tins with examples of each kind of tea for you to smell, as well as several samples you can test out. They also have a small 'bar' area where you can get tea lattes, tea frappes, all kinds of fun stuff.

We picked three samples that we liked the smell of: Earl Gray, Thai Green, and Chocolate Mint.

We tried the chocolate mint as an afternoon snack, while curled up watching TV blissfully talking about how neither of us had to work that night.

Oh wow.

Oh wow.

This is tea like a cookie; with milk and sugar it was a perfect little snack and we were both in absolute heaven. If you can get ahold of any chocolate mint tea, I suggest you try it. My next experiment is going to be making iced tea out of the chocolate mint... I think I can make it work. And I think it will be delicious.

We will see.

In other news, Jason is off visiting his little sister at Clemson today, with his parents. They're going to go see a football game, hang out seeing all the local Clemson sights, and then my husband will come back to me... so we can go hang with a friend of ours in a bit. This is working out to be a really good weekend.

On top of that, I've gotten a bunch of writing done Thursday and Friday as well, and as soon as I post this I'm going to settle in to write some more.

Away I go!

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