Thursday, September 2, 2010

If wishes were horses I would ride, ride, ride

There are several little bronze mice hidden around downtown Greenville. This is but one of them. I've taken pictures of two, but I keep meaning to take pictures of as many as I find, and I think I've seen... five? at this point.

I realize I haven't updated in a week, which is a little unusual when you look at my usual rate of updating roughly every other day or so on average. I do feel bad about it, but I'm kind of forced to admit here that my life has not been at its most exciting lately. Jason and I are in a bit of a holding pattern as far as work and such is concerned; those hours we get together are so precious I feel like we try to squeeze in as much friend-time and us-time as we can when we have them.

On last Saturday, Jason, his best friend Justin, and I went back to downtown Greenville. Justin is my insurance policy; Jason cannot shop to save his own life, and certainly not the way I do. I am a window-shopper. My mother is a window-shopper, I was raised to be able to window-shop, and that is how I like to do it. Jason... Jason can't.

He physically cannot. It is both hilarious and kind of horrible at the same time to try and take him shopping if it's more than half an hour or so.

In any case, I was able to wander around Mast General Store to my heart's content while those two kept themselves entertained, until we were all ready to eat. Then i shopped some more. Then we walked, and walked, and walked...

A place that pretty, you need to walk and really appreciate it.

Other than that, we continue to exist. Tonight was great, actually; we hung out with friends and were able to relax, which was lovely.

Tomorrow I work, Friday I don't! And Jason doesn't either! Which means we get the night together! Which I am, to be frank, probably too excited about. I can't even explain how nice it is to sit and have a conversation with him for however long we want without having to watch the clock for either of us.

The odd bit going on is that since I am working mostly closing shifts, my own sleep schedule has begun to shift to match a little closer to Jason's. I'm having a hard time going to sleep before 2 or 3 in the morning, and sleeping until almost noon. It hasn't really been a problem; the few day shifts I've worked, I've been able to shift back to regular sleeping very quickly. It's just odd to find myself awake at 2 AM, wide awake, trying to think of something to do.

Oh man.

I just realized Justin and Jenn still have our vaccuum.


Guess that gives me a great excuse not to vaccuum tonight, huh?

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