Saturday, September 25, 2010

Feline Contributions

It's a cleaning kind of day... or at least a cleaning kind of couple of hours.

Jason's been to bed, been up, and is back in bed. I worked a closing shift last night and then went to hang with a friend of mine for a few hours.

The weird part is that I was fine all day at work, although tired for reasons I could not quite fathom, and then I was fine when hanging out with my friend, but when I came home it felt like the bones in my legs hurt, and I couldn't seem to warm up no matter how many blankets I wore. I eventually fell asleep, in any case. I woke up with my legs still hurting, but warm, when Jason came home.

So it's been a surreal bit of time for me.

For the moment, I am attempting to do some organization of the boxes, some of whom have been half-unpacked and a few who have, woefully, had no better work done on them than for me to open them, rifle through, get distracted by something shiny, and forget what I was doing again.

For the moment, I'm trying to actually accomplish something. It is a tiresome journey, but I believe I can do this.

The cat is, in her own way, trying to be helpful.

Of course, the cat's version of helping is to wander in aimless circles and meow at me whenever I move something, because she does not like it when I move things.

Occasionally she'll come attempt to distract me by rubbing her head against the box I'm working on or putting her absolute cutest face on and just staring at me, willing me to look at her and remember that cats are for petting.

A few minutes ago, I found one of her old toys in a box I hadn't unpacked yet, and tossed it to her.

You'd think it was Christmas morning.

She has been carrying this thing around in her mouth, trotting a little, almost strutting. Proud of herself.

Good job, you caught the stuffed cloth mouse who can't run away.

At the moment she is attempting to tear its little cloth ears off. And then she will put it in her mouth, bring it over to me, and drop it at my feet, as if to say, Look, Katie, I brought you the toy so you can play!

If only, little kitty, mice held such fascination for me as they do for you.

Give her two minutes and she'll be in cat heaven again, batting that thing around the room as though nothing else existed in the world.

Oh, and here is the mouse dropped at my feet again.

Good job, pretty girl. I appreciate your present.

But it's sure not going to be dinner.

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