Monday, August 23, 2010

Sneeze. Sniffle. Cough. Sigh.

Good news: my sore throat faded away after Saturday. Bad news: the sickness rotated up into my nose and my sinuses and my eyes, which, while less miserable, is kind of more noticeable to others.

This is what happens when you stay home for a while and step right back into a job where you deal with a lot of people and their money and food and drinks all day long.

Oh well.

I haven't written much lately because I've mostly been too miserable and did not want to subject you, my loyal and deeply understanding readers who are largely tolerant of my rantings and ramblings, to what happens when I am truly and deeply sick.

Namely; I am Mrs. Crankypants. I used to be Ms. Crankypants when I got sick, but then I got married, so now I am Mrs. Crankypants. Nyah.

Saturday night I actually ended up going to my in-laws' house with Justin and Jason, wherein my mother-in-law made this amazing potato soup that was perfect and gentle and wonderful for someone still fighting a nasty angry throat and let me tell you, that was some seriously delicious potato soup. And bread. And coconut pie thing that was just amazing. Basically, what I'm trying to tell you is that I have awesome in-laws.

Sunday, I woke up with my head-cold still in its happy little place, after a night of not much sleep, and tried to convince myself to put on a happy face. It wasn't hard to do; my big brother was coming to see me! Bryan had a business trip to nearby Atlanta, GA (only about two hours away from us!) when he usually lives out in Texas, so this was definitely a lot closer than I have been to him in a long time! So he finagled some time on the weekend to drive up to Greenville! We took him downtown, to see Falls Park and all the little shops and fun stuff down there.

Of course, seeing as i hadn't had my caffeine yet that day, one of the first things we did was get me a gingerbread latte from Coffee Underground, a beautiful basement-level coffee shop that exists, appropriately enough, on Coffee Street downtown. If we hadn't had kind of a packed schedule I would have suggested we hang out there for a bit; CU is full of big cozy chairs and fun stuff to look at and talk about.

In any case, I was sufficiently caffeinated, so it was time to look at some of the sights.

We took Bryan past a lot of the little waterfalls and fountains downtown, pointed out the tiny bronze mice (which I forgot to take photos of, but I will get some tomorrow, I promise! And show at least a couple to you here and explain WHY there are tiny bronze mice all over the place... but not until tomorrow! Wow this parenthesis got long), wandered around and through, up and down the beautiful downtown park.

Past this gorgeous old mill space, hollowed out, a beautiful place to have high school proms or wedding ceremonies.

Look how pretty the color of those bricks is...

The old mill is next to a mostly slow-moving river, a place that geese and ducks adore and basically just completely cover is random feathers. It's kind of amusing to watch little clouds of white feathers float down the river while the geese and ducks clean themselves.

They're actually basically standing on the bottom... that water is not quite as dirty as it seems.

Although it is pretty dirty.

I wouldn't dunk my beak or feathers in it, is all I'm sayin'.

And across to the other side, beside the falls that I've put photos of up before, in previous entries. Tomorrow when Jason and I head downtown I'll try to get some really interesting close-up shots; I understand my camera a lot better than I did the last time I tried close-ups downtown, in January.

We were definitely having a great time. We had brunch at the Overlook Grill, a fun little place right next to the biggest part of the falls, where Bryan and I had shrimp 'n grits (with cheese! and bacon! and cream sauce! did I mention cheese and bacon?) and Jason had the Overlook club wrap, and all were happy.

Unfortunately, we weren't able to time things well enough to really just wander all over and into shops or anything. We hung out at our apartment for another hour or so, and then Jason had to get to game with some of his friends and I had to work last night, where I alternately sneezed, coughed, and rapidly blinked my way through the evening.

Next time Bryan comes, we'll paint the town a little more, I promise you this. Unless of course I am sick again. In which case... we probably won't.

Stupid being sick.

Oh well.

I'm going to go curl on the couch with my husband now; I just got out of work and I would deeply like to curl up, read a magazine, and groan to Jason about how I don't feel so good and get the appropriate sympathetic responses from him.

I wish a happy day to everyone.






Mrs. Crankypants

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  1. good luck with getting appropriate responses from your man without first of all telling him what they are.

    I personally haven't given my wife an appropriate response to any hint she has ever thrown me in 12 years of marriage!

    nice photos


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