Tuesday, August 24, 2010

In parts.

Because I'm not going to have the most exciting time of my life for the next couple of days (work, sleep, have a passing conversation with Jason while either on my way to work or his way to sleep or vice versa, repeat), I'm just going to talk a bit about downtown Greenville on Tuesday, in parts.

Saturday Jason and I, along with his best friend Justin, are going to hit up downtown again, and maybe this time not run into the massive problem Jason and I ran into today.

Namely, this;

Jason works overnights. He gets home at 7:15-ish, I think, in the morning. He collapses into the bed, I roll over to mumble a greeting and then myself head right back to sleep. I wake up around 10 or 11. Jason wakes up sometime between 2-4 pm.

He woke up a little earlier than that today, in part because I was antsy and kind of moving around loudly and, er, I woke him up.

When we made it downtown, after a quick trip to the bank, it was a bit after 4:30. We were hungry and decided to eat first. Once we had eaten, we walked through the park to walk it off. By the time we were really good to kind of start shopping, it was nearing 6 pm.

Turns out basically everything closes at 6 pm. So we got to look at a lot of very nice storefronts, and admire what we could see from outside.

I was quite disappointed. I will be rectifying this on Saturday. Especially since the very first place I will be dragging my erstwhile male companions is to Mast's General Store, my Number 1 favorite place downtown that is not full of waterfalls.

I wasn't too disappointed. I still ate delicious food.

Oh, will Justin regret agreeing to go hang out downtown with Jason and his wife. His wife who has not window shopped in a long, long time.


In any case, we ate food that was so delicious I kind of feel compelled to tell you about it.

We decided to eat at Barley's, a place Jason had eaten at once and really enjoyed, but an entirely new place to me.

It being 4:30 in the afternoon, it was just us, the staff, and a single couple finishing up their pizza. Our waitress turned out to be someone Jason had known when he went to Greenville Tech and they bonded for a moment over Jason having put vaseline on her foot for a plaster casting.

I have a story about the time I was forced to allow another student to make a plaster cast of my face. Remind me to tell that story sometime. Keep in mind that straws stuck up my nose and something I can only call "the shakes" are involved.

So. Anyway. Delicious foods.

Appetizer! An artichoke-and-garlic dip that was basically swimming in delicious, delicious garlic. It comes baked in a bowl and you scoop it out and laid it out on the nice crunchy-crispy garlic-striped bread it comes with. Jason sprinkled red pepper flakes on his; I did eventually, too, and I liked the spicy added to it. But man, let me tell you.

I now regret having not thought to just eat lunch and take my brother here when he was visiting. But he will visit again. And we will go to Barley's. This is a promise.

Barley's thing, as a pub, is its impressive beer collection, and it did not disappoint. Jason got Old Chub, which was nice and thick and full of malt and hops; it was definitely a dinner beer. I was kind of feeling like something very light, so I ended up getting a Woodchuck Pear Cider.

Nice and light and crisp. Good cider like this has kind of a bite to the taste; I don't know how to explain it. But it's incredibly refreshing on a humid summer day.

Jason's Garden Burger. Hilarity; when he ordered this he was imagining an actual meat burger with lots of vegetables on top. What he got was, you know, what a Garden Burger is... a veggie burger. It was nonetheless delicious.

With pasta salad on the side.

I had the Jerk Chicken Salad, with ranch dressing. Pineapples, mushrooms, green peppers, spinach leaves... many things were involved in this salad.

I don't even like raw tomatoes; I liked them on this.

It was probably the best dinner out I've had in Greenville yet, and that counts the awesome Indian place we went to. This was quality food, simple but well-done, good with beer and we could watch people walk by on the street as we ate.

That's all I have for tonight, really.

Jason has gone for work and I am currently working on a new project. I'd like to change up my fashion and my clothing. What I own now I cannot honestly refer to as fashion; it's a closet full of oversized T-shirts, plain things, things that don't so much go together as they are clothes that I own, things I can put on, and leave the house quite quickly. I would like to have some new clothes, and I like a lot of the things showing up in my magazines for fall.

So I'm cutting up pictures of clothes I want and sort of pasting them together into outfits in one of my unused sketchbooks.

Is that what being girly is like?

My tomboy heart feels quite uneasy with this. But the rest of me really wants to have colors that coordinate.

I fear for my soul.

Also I would like to own more than two pairs of decent shoes.

Somewhere I can hear my husband replying with, "But why would you ever need more than two pairs? One casual, one dressy, right?"

I can only shake my head.

Good night!

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  1. yum , dribble, drool, dribble, oops, oh dear, sorry about that...

    Women and shoes - I live in fear


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