Thursday, August 26, 2010

I have a boring life sometimes.

This is a fountain in downtown Greenville.

I don't have anything terribly interesting to say. I work, I sleep, I have a precious couple of hours to speak to and be around my husband, I work, I sleep, I talk to Jason, repeat.

So on and so forth.

I just wish I worked a day job; then I'd be home every evening to hang out with him before he has to work... or that he worked a day job, because we at least would get to be around each other more. Nonetheless, the jobs we have are a gift, really. Something to be deeply grateful for.

And I am.

Believe me, I am.

Most of the time.

But there are times like right now, you see. Where I've been hanging out with him for a couple of hours since I got off work, but it has really begun to sink in that he is about to leave for work... and I won't see him with both of us conscious until Saturday afternoon because I am working afternoon-to-night tomorrow night. He will come home tomorrow morning and go to sleep. I will wake up, hang out for a few hours, maybe get to say hi to him as he wakes up, then go to work. I will come home an hour after he has left. He will come home when I am sleeping. I will wake up and be awake for a while.

He will wake up, and we will get to see each other.

For about an hour or so more?

I'm going to give myself leave to be whiny about it.

Then I will remind myself that this is a gift. My job is a gift. His job is a gift. Our whole relocation and how it has worked for us so far has been a gift. The kindness of our friends, willing to drive me home from work on nights when I get out after Jason has already left, is an incredible gift.

I still would like to get to relax with Jason without  mourning the counting hours until he has to go.

I give thanks for all the opportunities which have come our way.

Or rather, I will. In another hour or so.

When I stop feeling whiny about it.

... This is a duck.

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