Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Homestead Feelings

Last night, we got a little domestic and 'creative'. I wanted Irish Soda Bread and accidentally made too big of a batch, so we split it into two smallish batches; one traditional (above), and one... a little more interesting.

Onion in the dough, garlic sprinkled on top to roast and dehydrate and become little pops of flavor.

Hot out of the oven, slathered in butter, proof indeed that sometimes I can cook.

The best part about soda bread is its simplicity; to make traditional soda bread, all you need is buttermilk, whole-wheat flour, a little salt, and baking soda.


Add in some Teavana's Spice of Life blend (a gift from my family, who have great taste in teas) with a little half-and-half, quite a bit of milk, and honey for sweetness...

It was the most deliciously simple late-night supper I've yet had.

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