Monday, August 9, 2010

Gainfully employed

This is my new doormat, a present from my husband's aunt. You can tell I Have Arrived, as they say. I feel like a giddy tourist. I suppose I still am a giddy tourist.

I like that word.


Today was also my first day of gainful employment in some months. I am going to be making coffee drinks and serving food to people. Today I mostly just filled out forms and watched an incredibly enthusiastic DVD about my job. It was... cheerful.

I am very tired, and not feeling particularly detailed when it comes to describing anything at all. You'll have to forgive me this lapse in my usual overly rambling self. Also my lapse in the book questions. It's been a bit hectic the past couple of days, and my brain's been a bit frazzled. I'm going to do two days' worth later tonight.

I've got a piece of writing in my mind sort of begging to be released, so I might get to work on that. You know what I would love? To be a writer.

Ah, daydreams.

This is what color the soil is here. Reddish, sandy, clay-like in some places. It's still a bit of a surprise to me to see huge patches of this rusty red gleaming at me from hillsides where nothing is currently growing.

That, and the kudzu. I'll have to get used to both of those things.

Red dirt, kudzu, and the way the roads aren't really even remotely flat anymore.

Hills, as far the eye can see. Well, the eye certainly can't see nearly as far as I was used to, since there are those hills...

I am now going to gratefully allow my husband to feed me and veg out in front of the TV.

The TV with cable.

I shall now do the dance of Food is Done!


  1. Congratulations on the new job! I used to live in Arizona and saw a lot of red rock there. I think it's quite majestic and beautiful.


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